Carol Vorderman’s puzzle could help train you to win £2,500

Ahead of the Mail’s brand new puzzles pullout quiz queen Carol Vorderman introduces a fiendish number game – so can you do suguru?

  • From Saturday there will be a bigger and better puzzles section in the Daily Mail
  • On April 22 the jackpot doubles, giving you a chance to win £2,500 each week
  • A new puzzle will be released on every day this week in the lead up to Saturday
  • Quiz queen Carol Vorderman introduces the first new puzzle today – suguru 

Grab a pen, breathe deeply and get your thinking head on. From Saturday there’s a bigger, better puzzles section in your Daily Mail, and it promises to give your grey matter a sizzling workout.

All this week, we’ll be introducing you to some fascinating, fiendish, ingenious, tantalising and brain-melting new games to test your skills of logic.

We couldn’t do all this, of course, without offering bigger prizes. That’s why, from Monday, April 22, we’re doubling the jackpot, giving you a chance to win £2,500 every week. 

Today, we’re introducing you to the wonderfully uncomplicated Suguru, a number cell game that a child could pick up in a couple of minutes — though its Japanese inventors claim there are 175 different mathematical patterns that can crop up.

Quiz queen Carol Vorderman introduces the week’s first new puzzle – suguru – in the lead-up to the Daily Mail’s new quiz section 

Suguru is Japanese for ‘excellent’ and, when you discover the joys of solving its riddle, you’ll know how it got its name.

Helping you every step of the way will be the nation’s conundrum queen, Carol Vorderman. Drawing on a lifetime’s experience at solving puzzles, not to mention a degree in engineering from Cambridge and more than 25 years on TV’s Countdown, she will be handing out tips, pointing out pitfalls and applying relentless logic to every new game.

‘I can’t wait,’ she says. ‘There’s nothing more satisfying than cracking the code of a challenging new number game, and it’s very exciting that the Mail is introducing five this week. I’ve got more than a few puzzler trade secrets to reveal, to help you master even the trickiest.’

So what are you waiting for? Get puzzling! Here are Carol’s tips for solving the first of our new puzzles, Suguru.

Suguru is Japanese for ‘excellent’ and its inventors claim there are 175 different mathematical patterns that can crop up

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