Driver fined £25 for parking in 'invisible' bay with no road markings or restriction notices

James Horan, 27, believed he had found the perfect spot to leave his silver Kia before going to work in Manchester.

A stretch of the street has just enough space between two sets of double yellow lines for a couple of vehicles to park so he decided to leave it there.

He has been using the space without paying for at least a year but was stunned to return to his car to find a £25 notice on his windscreen.

Manchester City Council said that he had failed to purchase a pay and display ticket but James contested this and argued there were no bay markings on the road.

The fine doubled to £50 after two weeks and his appeal was rejected by the council, which again stated that the space requires a pay and display ticket.

Mr Horan, who works in advertising at Total Jobs, even sent the council photographs which clearly show the unmarked bays on Heyrod Street but they would not budge.

According to the council’s website, the street should have 10 pay and display bays – however only eight of them are clearly marked on a road close to where James left his car.

The council claims that all of their parking bays are “clearly marked with enough room for most cars and vans”.

However, after reviewing his case again, the council eventually admitted that the bay lines were not marked and his fine has been revoked. The lines will now be repainted.

James said: “I’m happy about it. It was a ridiculous process. When you’ve got a full time job and other things going on life, it was one of those things I could just do without.

“They make the appeals process so difficult, I found it really stressful.

“How many other motorists might have been fined for parking there but didn’t contest it?

“I hope the council will be contacting them as well to refund them.”

A Manchester City Council spokesman told The Sun Online: "This ticket was issued in error and will be cancelled.

“The location in question should have been marked as a pay and display bay and the lines will now be repainted.”

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