Flash flooding hits historic Jordan city of Petra two weeks after school children die

Footage shows large volumes of water gushing along parts of the historic city of Petra’s infrastructure as people watch on from the sidelines.

Earlier this month several ministers in Jordan resigned after an investigation into the deaths of 21 people during previous flash floods found evidence of negligence.

Most of those swept away were school children on a school trip on 25 October.

Local media report that a two-year-old girl has been taken to hospital in a serious condition after being caught in the floods on Friday.

Alghad News reported that a youth hostel was being used to house tourists in the area.

The UK foreign office told Sky News they had not received any calls about the flooding but were monitoring the situation.

Around 70,000 British nationals visited Jordan in 2017, according to the UK government.

Jordan’s embassy in the UK has so far not returned Sky News’ request for comment.

The country’s education and tourism ministers resigned on 1 November after an investigation into the October floods near the Dead sea area.

A parliamentary committee was established to look into the tragedy and found evidence of negligence by some ministries.

Their findings prompted questions over how prepared government agencies were to handle such emergencies.

King Abdullah who described the disaster as a “huge tragedy”.

The floods, which followed torrential rain, poured through valleys and deep ravines.

People, vehicles and animals were swept away.

Thirty-seven people were rescued in a major operation involving helicopters and divers.

Neighbouring Israel contributed search-and-rescue helicopters.

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