Hospital porter’s terrifying stalking campaign against nurse

‘If I can’t have you, no one can’: NHS nursing assistant says she is living in fear of her ‘obsessed’ colleague who stalked her in hospital to ‘try to force a romance’ as he is spared jail

  • Porter became obsessed with nursing assistant, bombarding her with calls
  • He even got his daughter to call her, asking: ‘Why won’t you talk to my dad?’
  • Victim went to police and stalker was brought before the court this week
  • He admitted harassment but avoid a jail term on a suspended sentence 

Anthony Wells avoided jail for an 18-month harassment campaign against a colleague at Manchester Royal infirmary

A hospital porter who became obsessed with a nursing assistant phoned her 68 in one day during a stalking campaign that left her living in fear.

Anthony Wells hounded Kerrie Clark-Bear for 18 months at Manchester Royal Infirmary, telling her: ‘If I can’t have you then nobody can.’

Wells – who has since lost his job at the hospital – admitted harassment this week but avoided jail on a suspended sentence.

Manchester Magistrates Court heard he used fake Facebook profiles – even using her surname – to message her after believing they could start a relationship.

He tracked down her son on Snapchat and messaging him and got his own seven year old daughter to call Miss Clark-Bear to ask: ‘Why won’t you speak to my dad.’

Miss Clark-Bear became so scared of Wells she once dodged into a cubicle and climbed onto a bed with a patient in it to avoid him.

She wrote in a victim statement: ‘I am constantly on edge as a result of his behaviour, I am always worried that something will happen.

‘My family and friends are always contacting me to see if I am OK. He just constantly messages me and makes phone calls.’

Wells (right) terrified Kerrie Clark-Bear (left) by repeatedly calling and contacting her online

Prosecutor Laura Keegan said: ‘This has been going on for over 18 months. In June 2017, there was 68 phone calls received in one day.’

Wells’ lawyer, Andrew Gilmore, said there was an ‘underlying mental health issue’ behind his actions.

Wells was given a 16 week prison sentence, suspended for two years and will have to complete a community order to include 20 days of rehabilitation work. 

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He was banned from contacting Miss Clark-Bear for two years and will have to pay £200 costs.

District Judge Khalid Qureshi told him: ‘An aggravating feature to this is the nature of your behaviour, which the complainant felt to be perturbing and disturbing. 

‘But it was out of character for you. This crosses the custody threshold but I am prepared to suspend the sentence.’

The pair both worked at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Wells has since lost his job

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