Is Storm Callum heading to the UK, when will it hit us and what is the latest forecast?

But is Storm Callum coming to the UK, when will it hit us and what is the latest forecast? Here's what we know so far.

Is Storm Callum coming to the UK?

Callum could become the third-named storm of the year and is currently barrelling towards Britain.

Forecasters in the UK have cautioned that a yellow warning for wind could be escalated as the storm approaches Northern Ireland, Western Scotland and parts of Northern England.

Hot air sweeping over from North Africa will raise temperatures here as a weather system could blast the UK as soon as Friday, October 12.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey said: "There is a low-pressure system coming in on Friday for which we have issued a warning, this warning may be changed over the next few days.

“This will depend on the track and the impact of this system, we are not ruling out the possibility of a named storm, but there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment.”

What is the latest forecast?

"Danger to life" weather warnings have been issued as Callum is set to cause flash floods while gusts send debris flying.

Up to 6in of rain will fall on Northern and Western areas from Friday — and the rain will shift westwards into Saturday and beyond.

Heavy and persistent rain will bring the chance of flooding across Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and North West England — the areas directly in the path of the worst weather.

There are 25 flood alerts in place on Thursday and three flood warnings in Cornwall and Hornsea – with more anticipated tomorrow.

Only the South East will be spared the disruptive weather, with warm sunshine forecast over the next few days.

Travel chaos is predicted elsewhere in the UK, as the Met Office issues a yellow warning for wind over large parts of Scotland, North West England and Northern Ireland.

Wind speeds of up to 80mph are expected in exposed coasts and hill areas while a rain warning in place all day will affect North West England, Wales and Yorkshire & Humber.

The Met Office has also predicted more than 100mm of rain by the end of the day, with "potential for surface water flooding".

Meanwhile residents in the North West should expect "a small chance of injuries and danger to life from flying debris", with a chance of some damage to buildings from the high wind speeds.

Strong winds and high tides could even lead to "coastal impacts due to large waves".

On Saturday the wild weather is set to continue, with up to 150mm of rain expected in some upland sites in the West Highlands by Tuesday.

Yellow warnings are in place for wind and rain in large parts of Scotland, North West England and Northern Ireland.

Wales and the North East will also be hit by torrential downpours on Saturday.

Where is Storm Callum?

Storm Callum is currently way out over the Atlantic but is expected to reach our shores on Friday.

The wet weather is set to come on the tail-end of Tropical Storm Leslie, which in the middle of this week is helping sweep up warm air from the Canary Islands to Britain.

Temperatures could see a high of 25C on Wednesday and Thursday, according to the Met Office.

Anything over 23.6C would be Britain’s hottest October day since 2011, Met Office records show.



When will it hit the UK?

The storm is expected to bring stormy weather over the next few days.

On October 9 a fishing boat had to be rescued six miles off shore due to severe weather.

But it is not yet clear if forecasters will see fit to name the storm Callum.

They usually publish weather warnings to tell of stormy weather to come — and use the naming system to help the public stay aware.

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