Jaden Moodie's dad reveals how he pleaded 'stay out of trouble' to son in final phonecall before teen was stabbed to death

Julian Moodie, 51, was shopping in Buff Bay, Jamaica, when he was told his son had been stabbed in the back seven times by a gang of men in Waltham Forest, East London.

He said he “passed out” after he was sent pictures of the shocking attack and was told how his ex-wife saw their lying on the ground.

Julian told The Daily Mail: "Pictures came through on my phone and then I passed out. I couldn’t believe it.

"My ex-wife, Jada, called me and said she was cooking Jaden’s dinner when someone called her. She ran out to the street and saw him on the ground'."

His dad is certain his son’s death was a result of mistaken identity, adding Jaden was “not violent” and a “loving person”.

He said: “I was on the phone with him the Friday before it happened and I said to him: ‘All I want you to do is stay out of trouble and make something of your life’.”

But it is now believed that Jaden may have been involved with drugs gangs in that part of the capital after moving there from Nottingham six months ago.

It has now emerged that Mr Moodie was jailed for three-and-a-half years at Basildon Crown Court in 2009 for dealing crack cocaine.

The dad-of-six pleaded with the judge and claimed that he turned to drugs to “earn a living” for his family.

His son, an aspiring boxer, was riding a moped when he was rammed off the road by a black Mercedes before he was knifed in the back seven times on Tuesday.

Jaden's friends have said he'd been excluded from Heathcote School in Chingford for activities outside school which teachers had spotted on social media.

However, his family has insisted he had "absolutely no affiliation with gangs."

Jaden was the youngest victim in London since 14-year-old Corey Junior Davis was fatally shot in Forest Gate, East London, in 2017.

On his Facebook page Jaden describes himself as a “trapper kid”, urban slang for drug dealer, while in one picture he appears making the sign of a handgun and in another he clutches a fistful of bank notes.

And according to the Mail, video footage showed the teenager posing with a gun.

His cousin Leon Green read a family statement beside Jaden's mum, Jada Bailey, near the spot in Waltham Forest where he was murdered.

He said: "Jaden had recently moved to London from Nottingham and had absolutely no affiliation with gangs.

"Focus needs to be on the fact that he has been brutally murdered in cold blood and deserves a fair chance of justice as much as anyone else in this situation.

"If there are people on our streets who are capable of killing a 14-year-old child, then no one is safe and they need to be caught and brought to justice."

Jaden's sister Leah, 18, said: "My brother was caring, loving. He never hurt anyone. He was 14."

The borough where Jaden died, Waltham Forest, has been blighted by gang crime, with the local authority ploughing £3million over the next four years into a prevention programme.

Pals said Jaden lived nearby on the Beaumont estate in Leyton, East London — home to the notorious Beaumont Crew gang.

They have been battling the OC Crew, from the Oliver Close estate, since 2002, with at least nine murders attributed to the feud.

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