Moment Salvador Dali painting crashes to the floor

Surreal! Bizarre moment Salvador Dali painting crashes to the floor after it was knocked over by a woman taking a selfie at Russian exhibition

  • Young woman was taking a selfie beside a piece of art at Salvador Dali exhibition
  • Another woman in front of art also taking a picture of the famous piece of art 
  • The Dali artwork was slashed by a four-inch gash caused by broken  

A selfie-taker caused thousands of pounds worth of damage after trying to take her picture with a Salvador Dali painting.

One of the young women in the exhibition tried to take a selfie at an exhibition in Yekaterinburg,Russia.

As she stood beside an exhibition dedicated to the Spanish surrealist it suddenly crashed to the ground.

The woman appeared to be taking a picture of the artwork (left) when it crashed to the floor

In the footage, a person can be seen standing next to right hand side of the white board where the art pieces were adorned on as it crashes to the ground.

A Dali artwork was slashed by a four-inch gash caused by broken glass.

Other visitors gathered round the damaged exhibition following the smash.

Police have not said whether the damage was caused on purpose but the young woman was in a group that had not been behaving ‘appropriately’ at the exhibition. 

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Among the damaged artwork includes that of Francisco Goya and Dali. They had been featured as part of the Los Caprichos exhibition. 

A police statement said: ‘A group of four girls were not behaving very appropriately and, as a result, two works were damaged in the exhibition.’

A source said: ‘Two works have broken frames and glass, while Dali’s picture still has a deep cut from glass some 10 centimetres long.

‘It will have to be restored if it is, of course, possible to do.

The woman was left stunned after a piece of artwork in the Dali exhibition crashed to the floor

‘Requests for restoration have been sent to museums in Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Germany, where these paintings were purchased. The damage costs several thousand euros.’ 

Another source said: ‘The works of art are being examined by specialists.’

Police said the extent of the damage was ‘still being established’.

Despite this the authorities declined to press charges saying there was no criminal intent.

Police in Russia have released a photograph of what the artwork appeared like before it was damaged

‘Police decided not to open a criminal case due to the absence of a crime in the actions of the visitor,’ said a statement.

The identity of the young woman involved and her friends has not been disclosed although she is from the city of Chelyabinsk, west-central Russia.

The woman tried to inform a security guard about the damage although no-one was around. She left her phone number before leaving the venue and was later contacted by police.

The owner of the damaged artwork is believed to be Russian.   

Spanish painted Salvador Dali was best known for his striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work

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