Moment 'tough guy' thug attacks cyclist half his size on busy London street hurling his bike at him 'to impress his girlfriend'

The pair got involved in an argument in Bishopsgate, located in the City of London area, with concerned passersby trying to calm the larger man.

But he is unmoved by their protests, and grabs the cyclists bike.

He then hurls it at the cyclist, who is visibly shocked and concerned.

As a crowd gathers, the cyclist asks: "Will somebody call the police?"

The larger man is accompanied by a woman in a pink dress, who urges him to walk away.

She eventually drags him away from the scene after shouting at him: "That is enough, that is enough."

An eyewitness told The Sun Online: "This man was acting like some tough guy thug, because the bloke is clearly smaller and not interested in getting into a fight.

"He was just picking on him because he could, and trying to impress his girlfriend who was trying to drag him out of the situation.

"I don't know what their dispute was about but everyone was worried it could have escalated.

"Thankfully the cyclist was calm enough to just not react to his intimidating behaviour."

The incident took place in July this year, but witnesses have only just come forward with footage in the hopes of identifying the thug.

The Sun Online has contacted the City of London Police for comment.

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