Mum claims daughter, 10, left unable to walk for a week due to sunburns despite 'putting Boots factor 50 cream on feet'

Schoolgirl Anya Tucker's burn turned into painful blisters, with the youngster now too scared to go outside in the UK's recent heatwave. 

Mum Monique Tucker, 34, claims she applied the factor 50 sun cream every one to two hours – despite it saying it could offer protection for up to eight hours.

But despite her best efforts, the mum said her little girl was badly burnt during the family holiday to Elounda on the Greek island of Crete in June.

The mum, of Crook, County Durham, claimed Anya was reduced to tears from the painful burn.

She said: "She couldn’t walk because her feet were so burnt.

"We had to take her to a pharmacy but her dad had to carry her because she was in so much pain."

The burn was so bad the youngster had to sit in the shade with a blanket over her while her siblings played.

The Boots website claims the Soltan Kids Once 3hr Protect & Swim SPF 50+ can "give up to 8 hours sun protection, including 3 hours in the water from just one application".

A spokesperson for Boots said they were sorry to hear about what they called an "isolated" incident and reassured customers that all products are "rigorously and independently tested".

But mum Monique, a customer assistant, said: "I just don’t want anyone else to be in as much pain as what Anya was in.

"She has ended up being really paranoid of being burnt, especially with the weather in the UK now.

"I have been looking at holidays for next year and she keeps saying that she doesn’t want to go anywhere hot.

"I don’t want her to be this worried about burning."

The mum said she had complained to Boots but had only been offered a £35 in compensation, later increased it to £45.

She said: "They told me it is a one-off incident and they haven’t had any other complaints of this nature.

"Even if I am the only person who has complained about it there could be other mums who haven’t been able to complain yet or it could happen to another child.

A Boots spokesperson said: "We are very sorry to hear about this isolated incident and we are working closely with the family involved.

"We take the safety and well-being of our customers very seriously and the quality and safety of our products is of the utmost importance to us.

"We have always been committed to protecting our customers’ skin from the sun and our products are rigorously and independently tested to ensure they are safe and effective."

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