Parents take own kids to police after discovering what they did at McDonald’s

Teenage yobs who caused mayhem in a shopping park by throwing stones at cars and abusing staff were marched to a police station by their own parents.

The 13 louts, both boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 16, were marched to a police station by their fed up mums and dads and issued with Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, the Liverpool Echo reports.

They were leaving a trail of destruction in Home Bargains, Sainsbury’s, B&M and McDonald’s at a retail park in Liverpool.

Their antics included lobbing stones and hitting passing vehicles, abusing staff and customers and refusing to leave shops.

The children attended Walton Lane Police Station to meet representatives from the local policing team and other experts.

Each of the young people was also advised with regards their future behaviour.

The contract sets out expected changes to behaviour and could lead to further action if they step out of line again.

Police said the teenagers were caught out thanks to CCTV, bodycam footage and information from the local community.

Further intervention will follow with warning letters being issued by the various housing providers where the young person lives.

Inspector Graeme Rooney said: "It is hoped that by this intervention by ourselves and our partners we can hopefully help to reduce anti-social behaviour and send out a positive message that young people have an opportunity to recognise what impact their actions have had on the community."

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