Police mock ‘imbecile’ scooter pair who try to escape but fall off

‘Quick bruv, let me ride. I’ll get us away’: Police mock ‘imbecile’ scooter pair who try to escape from them but accidentally pull a wheelie and fall off

  • The two men jumped on the scooter to try and escape the Derbyshire police car 
  • However, they lost control almost instantly and quickly crashed to the ground
  • They managed to escape on foot but officers were able to confiscate the bike 

This is the hilarious moment a cocky scooter rider attempted to escape police but pulled a wheelie and lost his balance before hitting the kerb and falling off his bike, along with his accomplice.

The rider seemed to encourage his friend to jump onto the scooter and escape police in Derby, only to crash and fall off instantly. 

The whole sorry episode was captured by a dashcam in one of the Derbyshire police patrol cars.

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As they carried out their rounds in Chaddesden, they came across the scooter which didn’t have any number plates on and a rider who was not wearing a helmet, a police spokesman said.

The rider and another person then tried to speed off on the scooter but wobbled across the road for a few metres before toppling over.

The riders continued their flight on foot, and eventually got away, but police had the last laugh when they seized the motorbike.

The dashcam shows the men hop on the scooters after noticing the Derbyshire police patrol car

However, in their haste to get away they managed to accidentally pull a wheelie and lose control

The police patrol car came across the riders at around 10.20pm yesterday.

A police spokesperson said: ‘The passenger was wearing black bottoms with a stripe on the leg and a black top.

‘The driver was wearing a black and white top with black trousers and white trainers.’

Anyone with information about this incident or the people involved can call police on 101 quoting incident number of 1505 of 01/01. 

They both crashed to the ground but were able to get up and escape on foot – though police officers secured the bike

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