Rape victim of Brit cop in Caribbean reveals anguish in FOUR-YEAR wait for justice

Constable Lee Martin-Cramp, 26, was heard to use his job to lull the victim into a sense of trust when the pair met on Tinder while he was holidaying in the paradise island Antigua.

But the vile PC, who now faces a lengthy prison sentence, was found to have raped her after their first and only date in May 2015.

In a legal first, Martin-Cramp was extradited to the island to face justice at Antigua’s High Court last week.

He was found guilty and is due to be sentenced in July.

It added that the court heard Martin-Cramp had spiked her drink and “violently” raped her.

Commander Catherine Roper, from Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards, said Martin-Camp had been found guilty of an “extremely serious” offence.

She said: “The evidence given during the trial included distressing details of how the victims trusted him because he was a police officer, and how he took advantage of that trust in a deplorable way.

“The officer’s actions fell well below that of any decent person, but particularly a person whose job is to protect people and keep them safe.

“He will be subject to expedited misconduct proceedings.”

It is likely he will be sacked.

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