Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd is set to launch his appeal today

Family of Charlotte Brown, 24, arrive at the High Court where Jack Shepherd, 31, will appeal against his conviction for killing her in a speedboat crash

  • Shepherd was jailed for six years over the death of 24-year-old Charlotte Brown 
  • She was thrown from his boat when it capsized during a date on the Thames 
  • Killer, who was recently extradited from Georgia, wants conviction overturned

The family of Thames crash victim Charlotte Brown have arrived at the High Court where speedboat killer Jack Shepherd will appeal against his conviction today.

Shepherd was jailed for six years for killing the 24-year-old, who was thrown from his high-powered boat when it capsized on the River Thames during their first date in December 2015.

The 31-year-old web developer went on the run ahead of his Old Bailey trial and was convicted in his absence of manslaughter by gross negligence in July 2018.

Charlotte Brown’s sister Katie and mother, Roz Wicken, arrive at the Royal Courts of Justice today to watch speedboat killer Jack Shepherd appeal his manslaughter conviction 

Ms Brown’s father, Graham Brown, (left) arrives at court in London today followed by the victim’s mother and sister 

Ms Brown’s mother, Roz, and sister, Katie, arrived arm in arm behind her father, Graham.

Shepherd is appearing in court over a video link from HMP Woodhill to hear his appeal.

Wearing a green jumper and blue jeans, he spoke to confirm his name to court staff ahead of the hearing. 

Shepherd, originally from Exeter, was extradited to the UK from Georgia after handing himself in to police in the capital Tbilisi in January, telling reporters it was a ‘tragic accident’.

His appeal against conviction will be heard by Sir Brian Leveson and two other judges in at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. 

Jurors at Shepherd’s trial heard that he and Ms Brown, from Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, had been drinking champagne and went on a late-night jaunt in his boat past the Houses of Parliament.

Shepherd handed the controls to Ms Brown just before it overturned, tipping both of them into the cold water, the court was told.

He was plucked from the Thames alive, but Ms Brown was found unconscious and unresponsive. 

 Ms Brown (left) died in December 2015, while Shepherd (right, on June 13, 2019) fled the UK to avoid a trial over her death 

Following his return from Georgia, Shepherd appeared at the Old Bailey in April and was sentenced to an additional six months for breaching bail.

He was jailed for a further four years at Exeter Crown Court last week after he admitted wounding with intent in relation to a drink-fuelled attack on a barman.

The attack happened while father-of-one Shepherd was on bail after being quizzed by police over the manslaughter Ms Brown. 

Appearing via video link, Shepherd this afternoon insisted he was ‘not a violent person’ and ‘felt physically sick’ after watching CCTV of the brutal assault. 

Shepherd was jailed for a further four years at Exeter Crown Court last week after he admitted wounding with intent in relation to a drink-fuelled attack on a barman

Shepherd took a bottle of vodka and smashed into David Beech’s face 

The footage showed him ‘cowardly’ hiding a bottle behind his back before unleashing a ferocious blow that Mr Beech said was like being ‘hit by a baseball bat’. 

His victim had to have the wound stitched and glued in hospital and his PTSD suffered a ‘set back’. 

Shepherd appeared to sob and wipe tears from his face during the hearing as the judge described him as a ‘man with certain puzzling or peculiar aspects to your character’. 

He then jailed him for four years, to run consecutively on top of his six-year manslaughter sentence. 

How the speedboat killer case unfolded 

December 8 2015: Jack Shepherd and Charlotte Brown meet for a date where he takes her to the Shard for dinner, before taking a taxi back to Shepherd’s home, a houseboat in Hammersmith, where they took champagne on board his speedboat for their ride past parliament. 

July 2018: An international arrest warrant is issued for Shepherd

July 26, 2018: Shepherd, despite being absent from court, was found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence 

July 27, 2018: Shepherd is sentenced to six years’ imprisonment – Shepherd’s wife is then said to have told police that the 33-year-old had travelled to Georgia.

December 2018: Shepherd is granted leave to appeal against his conviction despite still being on the run. 

January 22, 2019: Family of Charlotte meet with Savid Javid before making a television appeal for Shepherd to ‘do the right thing’

January 23, 2019: Shepherd hands himself in to police in Georgia

January 24, 2019: Shepherd tells a television station in Tbilisi that he fled the UK because he feared the ‘power within the prison system’ held by Ms Brown’s father Graham, who he claims is ‘a civil servant of some influence’. 

January 29, 2019: His legal team successfully fight a fast-track extradition to the UK.

March 26, 2019: Shepherd agrees to be extradited back to the UK following a hearing at Tbilisi City Court.

April 10, 2019: Shepherd is flown back to the UK in handcuffs and is handed over to the Met Police after arriving at London Gatwick at around 9.20pm. 

April 11, 2019: Shepherd admits breaching bail and absconding before his trial at the Old Bailey in front of Ms Brown’s family. He is given an extra six months in jail on top of the six-year manslaughter sentence

June 6, 2019: Shepherd admits attacking barman David Beech with a bottle in March last year, while on bail for Ms Brown’s manslaughter. He fled Britain to Georgia shortly after. 

June 13, 2019: Shepherd appears at the Royal Courts of Justice to appeal his conviction for the manslaughter. 

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