UK weather: Has summer FINALLY arrived or will it get cold again? Met Office long range

Thursday was a particularly warm day, with the sun shining for many of us. Friday will bring much of the same, though a few showers will spread through Wales, the Midlands and southern England. But the bank holiday weekends will see things begin to turn.

From Saturday to Monday, the Met Office is forecasting a mixed bag.

Saturday will be warm and bright with a few showers in the far south and northwest.

Sunday will be a cloudier and windier day for most, with a few showers breaking out.

And by Monday, the temperatures will have dropped further, with some heavy showers possible.

However, the worst of the wintery conditions seem to have passed for now.

Even though it’ll be a bit wet, temperatures won’t drop below the low teens for most in the day.

What about long range?

For the end of May and into early June, the Met Office expects this unsettled weather to continue and, unfortunately, it’ll be colder than it should.

The end of the month sees some rain and thunderstorms possible, with extended periods of rain possible.

The Met Office said: |It will be breezy with a risk of coastal gales in the southwest and northeast.

“Temperatures will be cooler than average and feeling colder in the breeze.”

The changeable and rather cool weather is likely to continue through the following week.

There will be showers or longer spells of rain at times, including the odd heavy or thundery shower.

However, there will be some dry and bright spells too, and as we move into June it’s looking like things will clear up.

The Met Office said: “The general trend for this period is currently for a more settled picture across the UK.

”Confidence is low by mid June but the most likely scenario is that overall more settled weather is likely to prevail.

“Temperatures will start a little below normal, slowly trending to normal or warm.”

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