UN sparks fury calling for probe into claims of 'torture and killings' by Brit troops in Iraq and Northern Ireland

THE UN sparked fury yesterday after urging a probe into claims Brit soldiers in Iraq and Northern Ireland  committed “torture, ill-treatment and killing”.

The organisation’s Committee Against Torture blasted the zero prosecutions that followed 3,400 groundless Iraq allegations.

It also accused Britain of trying to “grant amnesty or pardon [for] torture” —  over  plans to curb veterans’ witch-hunts.

Col Richard Kemp, ex- chief of our Afghanistan forces, said no Iraq prosecutions “proved that the allegations were false”.

He said: “Britain’s legal system is one of the world’s most highly respected. We don’t need to be lectured by point-scoring committees at the UN. They should focus on the many countries that  murder and torture.”

Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt plans to stop troops facing raps for claims over a decade old without new evidence.


Col  Kemp added: “The UN deliberately fails to understand her.

“She has not suggested serious allegations  will be ignored — merely that accusations  made and investigated will not be dragged up years later.”

And  SAS and Troubles veteran Andy McNab added: “They’re treating British justice, revered worldwide, with disdain.

“It’s about stopping veterans being subjected to repeated vexatious claims. That’s the injustice they should  focus on.”

Defence insiders called the committee  “batty”.

The UN report urged  a probe into “any torture and ill-treatment by UK personnel  in Iraq”.

It also wants a probe into alleged similar crimes against detainees  overseas  that Britain is said to have committed .

And it  said claims of similar offences, including killings, during The Troubles were not “effectively investigated”.

Ms Mordaunt hopes to end the spectre of  cleared vets  being quizzed.

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