Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe begs jail bosses to let him see his dying brother Mick

The serial killer was devastated to hear his closest relative had just two years to live.

He is confident he will be given permission to see him but has also begged pals to bring ailing Mick, 67, to jail to see him.

A source said: “Sutcliffe is really upset about Mick’s condition and is desperate to see him.

“They are very close and speak once a week on the phone, and Mick sends him presents.

“He is also Peter’s only sibling who is in touch with him — so he fears being left alone when he goes.

He has been telling people how upset he is as Mick has less than two years left.”

Sutcliffe — the oldest of six children — does not speak to his other brother, Carl, 58. He is not in touch with sisters Jean and Maureen while another sister, Anne, died from cancer in 2005.

But Mick had been a regular visitor to his brother, 71, while he was in Broadmoor. He is now too sick to organise visits to HMP Frankland in Co Durham where the killer was transferred in 2016.

Sutcliffe, given 20 life sentences in 1981, could also ask for a video call with his brother. But our source said: “He desperately wants to get out to see him face to face.”

Any time out of jail will be controversial. There was outrage in 2005 when Sutcliffe was allowed to visit the bay where his dad John’s ashes were scattered.

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