12 Iconic Kim Kardashian Looks That Would Make The Perfect Halloween Costume

Everyone wants to be Kim Kardashian, and on Halloween, they can! Thanks to Kim’s iconic fashion moments – from her Met Gala outfits to her ‘sport bra with Yeezys’ look — ‘KUWTK’ fans have plenty of costume ideas!

There is only one Kim Kardashian – except on Halloween. That’s the night that the world is filled with millions of fans who all want to be the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. Thankfully, Kanye West’s better half has had so many iconic and outstanding fashion moments that there’s a million ways to dress up like Kim, 38, on this coming October 31st. Of course, if someone wants to be immediately recognized as Kim, they would have to recreate her famous 2014 PAPER magazine cover (specifically the champagne picture.)

How a fan recreates the arch of the bubbly, which landed squarely on Kim’s famous badonkadonk, is up to them. It has been done before – thanks to certain fans’ creative use of wiring and paper – so if someone wants to ensure that they win their Halloween costume contest, this might be the way to go. It will be the hardest outfit to pull off, and may require some extra padding if a person doesn’t have a butt like a Kardashian, but just imagine how amazing it’ll look!

If a fan is on a budget and is low on time, there’s always the March 2016 selfie she uploaded to Instagram. With blonde hairs and a pair of black bars over her bare breasts and crotch, the KUWTK star broke the internet, once again “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL,” she captioned the shot. If someone wants to cut out two black bars out of cardboard and paste them strategically on a nude bodysuit (like Canadian tennis player Genie Bouchard did here), they’re just one blonde wig away from being Kim’s clone.

There are also Kim’s famous Met Gala looks, specifically the one she wore to the 2013 event when she was pregnant with North West. The floral gown, with its high-neck, matching sandals, and gloves, is one of Kim’s most memorable outfits. Actually, any look she wore at the Met Gala will do. Plus, these outfits are also great ideas for couple costumes. Just find someone to dress as Kanye West (and not smile at all during Halloween) and there you go!


Of course, since she’s been a pop culture icon for years, there have been Kim Kardashian-inspired costumes. For 2018, Urban Outfitters is selling an “influencer” Halloween costume (per People) that bears a striking resemblance to Kim’s signature streetwear style. The costume is a gray sports bra and leggings, which costs $59 dollars (!). It can be styled with a baseball cap, a pair of sunglasses and Yeezy to get the full Kim K look. If that doesn’t seem like your jam, check out the other images above for possible Kim-speration for your Halloween outfit.

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