25 Times Kristen Bell's Instagram Inspired Us to Embrace Our Own Weirdness

When She Showed Off Her Daughter’s Amazing Hairstyling Skills

Kristen Bell, an infamous sloth-lover, has captured our hearts once again with her witty, hilarious Instagram account. Kristen, known for her roles as the beloved Veronica Mars, Anna in Frozen, and Eleanor Shellstrop in The Good Place, isn’t afraid to cover herself with food on The Ellen DeGeneres Show or make a homemade music video of “Africa” by Toto and upload it to YouTube for millions of people to see. Kristen is completely, unapologetically weird — and we love her for it. It’s no surprise that her Instagram reflects her amazing quirkiness and heart-warming compassion. Here are the 25 Instagram posts that made us fall in love with Kristen.

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