6ix9ine Challenges Meek Mill to 1 on 1 Fight After Nightclub Confrontation

The ‘FEFE’ hitmaker continues to taunt the Philly rapper while flaunting his fleet of luxurious vehicles and sparkly watches in a new Instagram video, saying he has more money than Meek.

AceShowbiz -Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine isn’t ready to bury the hatchet with Meek Mill. While the latter has not addressed their beef on social media for some time now, the former has just lit a fire on their heated feud by taunting his nemesis in a new Instagram video.

The notorious troll shared on his account on Monday, March 8 a clip of him pouring sauce on his meal while he was boasting about his wealth. He showed off his fleet of luxurious vehicles behind him and his sparkly watches that he put on the floor to prove that he has more money than Meek.

He then challenged Meek to a physical fight, saying, “Y’all n***as tell Meek Mill, come and fight me. Tell Meek Mill, I wanna fight that n***a one on one.” He added, “And I ain’t got tripping about money and all that. Cuz I got more money than that n***a.”

6ix9ine repeated his challenge in the caption, writing, “TELL @MEEKMILL COME FIGHT ME 1 V 1… THE ‘STREETS’ VS THE REAL LIFE.” He went on claiming, “I DONT DO NOTHING FOR FREE & I GOT MORE MONEY THEN THIS BOZO AND HE BEEN RAPPING FOR 10 YEARS,” before listing the alleged price of his belongings featured in the video.

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“JUST IN THIS VIDEO 500,000 + 600,000 + 300,000 + 400,000 + 300,000 + 250,000 + 250,000 + 250,000 + 1,000,000 + 1,000,000 + 200,000 + 300,000 THATS EVERYTHING JUST IN THIS VIDEO THAT I OWNNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!” so the New York City native detailed. “WE ARE NOT ON THE SAME LEVEL BOZO !!!!!!!”

6ix9ine and Meek nearly came to blows on February 13, when they ran into each other outside a club in Miami. According to Meek, 6ix9ine trashed him for walking around with security. The Philly rapper also accused the “GOOBA” spitter of trying to ambush him as the ex-convict waited for him outside the club. “The headline should be: he waited outside a restaurant and popped up with the cops recording with his phone out! He tried to line me up to go to jail!” he posted after the showdown.

“We did not run into eachother I was getting in my car he just popped out ….we almost was smoking on that 69 pack for the love of a viral moment ….. he tryna get something locked up no cap lol,” he added in another tweet. “Why did he pick meeeee wtf lol. Then he said a Pooh shiesty bar to me wtf. I’m a real witness to that lol.”

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