A Fish Almost Cost Bethenny Frankel Her Life Again

Bethenny Frankel has had yet another terrifying fish related near-death experience. Last month she almost died when she ate some soup that triggered a fish allergy, and had to be revived at the hands of a handsome man with an epipen. Now, according to Bethenny, neither water nor air are safe spaces anymore. This week, Bethenny boarded an airplane and was dismayed to find out that they were serving fish even though she had called ahead multiple times to make sure they wouldn’t be. Sadly, the flight had already taken off by the time her objections were registered with the crew, and the pilot decided to turn the plane around.  Apparently, this was very embarrassing for Bethenny. So embarrassing she had to tell everybody about it on Twitter!

Here’s Bethenny’s account of the ordeal. She originally made it seem as if the plane actually did turn around but then updated with a clarification that after the announcement, the cabin voted/prayed on it, and decided the flight should continue.

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