A Place In The Suns Danni Menzies shares torment as shes kept awake by house hunters

Danni Menzies says she can hear snoring from another room

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Danni Menzies, 33, had a rather long night on Monday, after she was kept awake into the early hours by who she believed to be her house hunters. The TV star is currently filming away for the new series of a A Place In The Sun, but admitted she couldn’t get to sleep because of “low and deep” noises coming from the hotel room next door.

Pretty sure it’s my house hunters next door and it sounds like they’re in here with me

Danni Menzies

Taking to her Instagram account, she posted a short video on her story to try and show her 83.9K followers what she could hear.

“Not sure if my phone is picking up the snoring,” she sighed.

“It’s very low and deep. I think my room is sharing a bit.”

She went on to state how she believes it was the Channel 4 programme’s participants next door.

“Pretty sure it’s my house hunters next door and it sounds like they’re in here with me.

“It’s going to be a long one,” she signed off.

Alongside her captions, she shared a poll which asked: “Can you sleep through the snore?”

The answers were: “Hell na” and “I can zone out.”

But unfortunately for Danni, it seemed the first answer was very fitting as she didn’t get a wink.

Later on, during a Q&A with her followers, one asked whether she had managed to get some sleep during the snore fest.

Posting a photo of her wrapped in a duvet, she replied: “Nope.

“But I finished early today, so I’ve just got into bed for a wee nap!”

Elsewhere, Danni recently responded to a scathing message from one viewer, who shared their harsh criticism of her outfits on the show.

The TV host innocently asked if any stylists wanted to “help her out”, alongside her response to the woman who tweeted her.

Twitter user @Lucybicicletta posted about the Channel 4 host: “Danni is a good presenter but why does she dress like a hooker?

“Totally bare chest, skirts always just below her a**e… Why? And why do we need to see this on a holiday programme?”

In reaction to the tweet, Danni posted an amusing poll on her Instagram with two options to indicate exactly what she thought of the comment.

The options she included were “Get a stylist sl*g” and “Na you good”, with the hashtag #womensupportingwomen added in for good measure.

The sarcasm didn’t end there, however, as she also put out an open request for some styling advice.

“So apparently I dress like a hooker… Any stylists out there wanna help a sister out?” she wrote with eye roll and facepalm emojis.

She also included a screenshot of her reply to her critic, making it clear that she wasn’t about to stoop to her level.

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