A used chewing gum shows Adeles still as much of a fan as an artist

Adele confused after being asked about her 'body count'

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The London-born singer, 33, invited Vogue magazine into her stunning yet cosy Los Angeles home, where much of her upcoming album was written. But she proved she is still as much of a fan as an artist – as displayed in a frame was a piece of used chewing gum from the mouth of her idol Celine Dion, gifted to Adele by James Corden. She also gave a tour of her garden with a kids’ play area and a swimming pool, saying: “It’s lovely out here. It’s very English.”

Adele, mum to Angelo, nine, added: “I love being here, I’m very calm…I tried to make it feel like a little English countryside.”

She said living through the pandemic was “challenging” but admitted she has realised she would “never leave her house if [she] didn’t need to”.

Her comeback single Easy On Me topped the UK chart yesterday after a record-breaking 24 million streaming plays and 217,300 chart sales. That’s the highest since Ed Sheeran’s 2017 hit Shape Of You.

Adele’s new LP, named 30, is out on November 19

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