Adam Driver Reveals He and Noah Baumbach Considered Making a Film Version of Musical ‘Company’!

Adam Driver appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday night (November 20) to talk all about his anticipated new film, Marriage Story!

In the film, the 35-year-old actor sings “Being Alive” from the musical Company, and revealed to Seth that at one point he and writer-director Noah Baumbach considered doing a film version of the musical, before Marriage Story came to light.

“At one point we thought about doing a movie of Company,” Adam said. “If you know the musical, it seems like maybe it lends itself to a film. It’s kind of abstract.”

Adam goes on to say that Baumbach put “Being Alive” into Marriage Story all on his own: “Where he puts it in, I don’t want to give anything away, I thought was just a beautiful piece of writing,” he said. “And similar to great musical theatre, it’s not just a song for the sake of it. Hopefully you learn something about the character. By the end he’s transformed into something else.”

Adam Driver also talked about his only line in a production of Oklahoma, researching his role for Amazon’s political drama The Report, and choosing his audition pieces for Juilliard.

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