Adele talks overcoming anxiety and finding love again, plus more news
Adele opens up about her album, post-divorce anxiety and ‘incredible’ new romance

With Adele’s fourth studio album, “30,” out Nov. 19, the singer sat down with Rolling Stone and shared more candid thoughts about how her divorce from Simon Konecki helped shape her new music, and how she dealt with the public nature of the split. “It made me really sad,” she says in the magazine’s December cover story. “Then having so many people that I don’t know know that I didn’t make that work … it f****** devastated me. I was embarrassed. No one made me feel embarrassed, but you feel like you didn’t do a good job.” The singer recalls being unable to leave her bed for weeks, overcome with anxiety, after the 2019 breakup, and says exercise was one of multiple coping skills she adopted to get through it. “If I can transform my strength and my body like this, surely I can do it to my emotions and to my brain and to my inner well-being,” she remembers thinking once she got back to the gym. “That was what drove me.” The experience taught her she was “stronger than she thought,” she added. Finally, Adele touches on her romance with NBA agent Rich Paul, which the pair made Instagram official earlier this year after they were spotted courtside together multiple times. Asked about the relationship, she gushed that it’s the most “incredible, openhearted and easiest” one she’s had yet.

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Carrie Underwood’s CMA side-eye goes viral

The 2021 CMA Awards kicked off in Nashville on Nov. 10, the same way a lot of Twitter threads have this past week — with a vax-related dig at Green Bay Packers’ star Aaron Rodgers. It wasn’t long before the side-eye Carrie Underwood shot Luke in response to his joke went as viral as Aaron’s initial, misleading claim he’d been “immunized” against COVID-19. “We’re following all the health protocols to keep everyone safe,” Luke said in his monologue(via Page Six), “and it’s so great to be here with all my fellow artists, tested and together — Or immunized? Who is it?” he jokingly asked, adding, “Just playin’!” That’s when the camera zoomed over to Carrie just as she was delivering an award-worthy dose of side-eye to the stage. Soon, Carrie’s look was being memed across the Twitterverse, along with references to the fact that her husband, Mike Fisher, pledged his support to Aaron on social media, in spite of the quarterback’s disproven immunization claims. “Great @carrieunderwood side eye,” one viewer tweeted. “We’re only ten minutes into the #CMAawards and my favourite part of the show will be Luke Bryan talking about being immunized and then panning to Carrie Underwood after Mike Fisher’s vaccine comments this week,” wrote another. The 2021 CMAs ultimately saw Chris Stapleton lead with six trophies, including song, album and male vocalist of the year. The entertainer of the year honor went to Luke Combs.

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Matthew McConaughey clarifies kids’ vax mandate stance

Matthew McConaughey’s comments about COVID-19 vaccination mandates for kids during the New York Times’ DealBook Summit earlier this week sparked consternation from some, including the U.S. Surgeon General. But as the actor clarified in an Instagram Story post on Nov. 10, he does not oppose vaccinating children in general — he’s just not ready to vote for requiring jabs for kids in the youngest eligible age range. In fact, he said the eldest of his three children, Levi, is fully vaccinated. “When asked my opinion on the subject of children and vaccination mandates I stated, ‘I couldn’t mandate it for kids just yet.’ What was not clear is that I was referring specifically to the 5-11 year old mandate,” said Matthew,52, according to People. “What is NOT true, and insinuated with the clickbait headlines since, is that I am against vaccinating children at all. This is false. In fact, our eldest 13-year-old son Levi is fully vaccinated for COVID-19.” Matthew also said at the summit that he and his wife, Camila Alves, are both fully vaxxed.”I appreciate the ear and clarity,” he concluded on Instagram, adding, “just keep livin’.”

Why Justin Bieber’s sobriety journey has been so ‘difficult’ for Hailey

Hailey Bieber is sharing more about what it’s been like for her as Justin Bieber’s partner while he navigates his sobriety. In a new interview on the “Victoria’s Secret Voices” podcast, Hailey, 24, explains that while her husband is good about keeping lines of communication open when it comes to his addiction, walking through some of those issues with him has been challenging because of Hailey’s previous experiences with loved ones. “There’s a lot of addiction that runs in my family, not even just my dad [Stephen Baldwin], but a lot of other people on that side of my family struggle with a lot of different things,” Hailey said. “My dad was always really open about [it] and I always appreciated that,” she continued, adding that Stephen would talk freely with the family about things like “why being sober was what worked for him and why we needed to be sober and what alcoholic behavior looks like.” Fast forward to her relationship with Justin, and she often found herself in familiar territory, not all of it good. “Looking back on times of drug use and being in some dark spaces and having to kind of go back there was extremely difficult,” she admitted. “Being like, ‘Hey, where are you at with this?’ I’ve had times where I would get nervous, [asking him], ‘Are you OK to do this? Because you did have a time in your life where it was not OK for you and it was a dark time for you,'” she explained. “But he has very good self-awareness when it comes to that and is very open about it and that’s all I can really ask for.” Justin started talking about his substance abuse a few years ago, when he revealed he spiraled out of control in 2013 and 2014. In 2017, his manager, Scooter Braun, told WSJ Magazine, “It was worse than people realized.”

DJ Khaled’s new startup to deliver chicken wings via jet ski

On Nov. 11, DJ Khaled launched a massive new, delivery-only food venture he says is “the first restaurant concept to launch on three continents at the same time,” according to Hypebeast. It’s called Another Wing and, as you might guess, the concept involves chicken wings. It also involves boat-side delivery via jet ski, at least for customers in Khaled’s hometown of Miami. As for the three continents, the startup — a collaboration with Reef Technology Inc. – will launch in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, France, and the United Arab Emirates, Bloomberg reported this week. The jet ski detail detail, by the way, isn’t the only “Miami Vice”-ready characteristic of Khaled’s new brand. The wings, which come in eight flavors and start at $6.95 for a six-piece order, plus sides like onion rings and jalapeno cheese fries, will be delivered in hot pink bags decorated with images of palm trees and Rolls Royces. (Hopefully, they’ll also be water proof.)

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