Alice Evans suddenly cares about being seen as ‘the best mother,’ interesting

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There have been some questions/concerns about why we’re talking about Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd. First of all, I was uncomfortable with this story in the beginning, back in January, when Alice began throwing accusations at Ioan after he told her he wanted a divorce. She came across poorly, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. All these months later, I’m still covering it because it’s in the public sphere, because Alice keeps making public statements online and in the British media, and because this has turned into one of the biggest divorce dramas of the year (and we’re in the gossip biz). Speaking of, Alice is now posting photos of Ioan’s girlfriend Bianca Wallace on her Instagram. And Alice’s social media messages have suddenly turned to whether or not she’s going to lose custody of her children. She posted this on IG, alongside a photo of Bianca.

This is my husbands new girlfriend. Look, I wouldn’t have minded if he’d come to me and said ‘listen, I think I’ve fallen in love with somebody else.”

But he didn’t. For 2 years he told people on the set of the show he was doing that I was an alcoholic, completely unhinged and a terrible mother.

This is so incorrect and so unkind.

Please / I know I am driving you nuts with these constant updates but I am being made out to be the very thing I am not.

I am the best mother and that is all I care about.

[From Alice’s Instagram]

Now, suddenly, she cares about being seen as a good mother, all evidence to the contrary, and a direct contradiction to months of public statements she’s made. She’s thrown her daughters in the middle of everything, she’s openly admitted to interfering with her kids’ calls with their father, she makes claims of her girls’ school struggles (blaming Ioan) and she’s extremely online, against the advice of her own lawyers. I’ve said for months now that Alice is in very real danger of losing custody of her kids, and I hope Ioan’s lawyers have kept files on all of her social media and public statements. Alice has completely done this to herself and I think she’s only begun to realize that she’s in danger of losing custody.

PS… By Alice’s own ever-shifting narrative of the end of her marriage, Ioan absolutely did tell her for months that he wanted out, that he wasn’t in love with her anymore, that they needed to end things. She just refused to listen to him or believe him.

Bless… She still has the pictures at least, even if the Bogan took her fun away.

— Alice Evans (@AliceEvansGruff) November 18, 2021

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