All Creatures Great and Smalls Samuel West shares first pic of horror foot injury on set

All Creatures Great and Small: Samuel West teases future series

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All Creatures Great and Small star Samuel West, who plays Siegfried Farnon in the Channel 5 series, recently thrilled fans with the return of the beloved programme for a Christmas special. However, the actor has since shared that he suffered a brutal injury while filming the show as he unveiled a picture of his bruised foot.

Taking to Twitter today, the 55-year-old was inundated with comments from concerned fans.

It comes after he took to the micro-blogging site and shared a photo of his foot injury.

In view of his 83,000 followers, he wrote: “And this is what I meant about cows stepping sideways. ‘Onto me’, I should have added #ACGAS.”

The on-screen star was quickly inundated with comments after they caught a glimpse of his painful injury.

Amanda Rae-Prescott remarked: “Talk about suffering for art! Also really enjoying S2 on PBS now that I can say so without getting in trouble for sneak peeking!”

Sarah Louise shared: “Ouch. I’ve been given so many black big toenails over the years from horses.”

Starr Faithful quizzed: “Bl***y hell! Any broken bones?”

“Owwwww! Nothing broken/cracked I hope,” Joanne Clements noted.

Steve Fairchild commented: “Ouch, taking one for the team Samuel. It will all be worth it, can’t wait for the new series. Love the short insight film on how the animals are the stars. Brilliant.”

The photo comes after Samuel shared a behind the scenes look into the filming of All Creatures Great and Small: The Animals of Season 2.

In the clip, the actor detailed what it’s really like to work on-screen with animals in the show and how he sustained his foot injury.

Samuel said: “There’s a sort of aura around the back end of a cow. If you move away from a cow it doesn’t like it.


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“It wants to know that you’re next to it. So if you have to walk away from a cow, it very often follows you.”

He added: “And not necessarily in the direction that you can predict – like sideways.”

The TV star recently detailed his painful injury in a candid interview.

Speaking on the Welcome to Yorkshire Talkshire podcast, Samuel began: “I don’t really get on with the cows.

“I’ve been stood on by cows for two series in a row now.”

He went on: “And the other thing is that if a cow is not feeling particularly confident and you’re standing next to it, it’s happy because it knows where you are.

“But if you move away because you have to get on with the scene and the scene requires you to not be next to the cow anymore the cow will follow you because he wants you to be next to it again, probably by moving sideways and almost certainly onto your foot.

“And cows are incredibly heavy and they have very tiny feet so you know it’s basic physics that that weight through that small area produces an enormous amount of pressure and it turned my foot absolutely black for a few weeks.

“And then I broke my Achilles tendon on the last on the same foot on the last day but that was nothing to do with cows.”

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