Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael: Pregnant with First Child!

On Valentine’s Day of this year, Amanda Bynes became engaged to a man she met in rehab. 

Now, the couple are expecting their first child.

Amanda’s fiance, Paul Michael, shared a glimpse of an ultrasound attributed to Amanda Bynes.

The post, shared on Tuesday, March 17, also included a very happy caption.

“Baby in the making,” Paul announced.

You can see the photo for yourself here:

Despite Paul’s apparent joy at the news, he has since deleted the pic from his Instagram.

Additionally, Amanda has yet to announce the news on her own social media.

Beyond Paul’s caption, neither of the expecting parents have made an official statement on the matter.

Pregnancy always carries some risks, but fans are especially concerned about how Amanda may fare.

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Amanda was previously residing in a sober living facility.

Earlier this year, she celebrated one year of sobriety.

At the moment, she is in a residential treatment center for her ongoing mental health issues.

Amanda was ordered into treatment around the time that she and Paul Michael reportedly broke off their engagement.

That’s right — three weeks after announcing that they were engaged, Paul allegedly revealed that they had broken up.

That may sound fast, but given that the two met in rehab in late 2019, just a couple of months before becoming engaged, it fits.

However, Paul has since announced that he and Amanda are still engaged.

He blamed the announcement that they had broken off the engagement upon “hackers.”

We mentioned that there may be additional risks to Amanda’s pregnancy, assuming that this is not yet another “hacking” induced hoax.

Quite simply, people in psychiatric treatment sometimes have to go off of their meds during pregnancy, for safety reasons.

Pregnancy hormones released by the placenta can change the way that meds work and can have a profound impact upon human behavior.

If someone is already in a delicate state, pregnancy can seem to undo years of progress and hard work.

That said, as we are not Amanda’s doctors, we do not know what medications she may be on or precisely how her life will change.

A lot of people are a little surprised that Amanda is having a child with a man whom she met just a few months ago.

Some fans believe that Paul has taken advantage of a vulnerable, affluent celebrity and has effectively hitched himself to her for life.

Others believe that this relationship is what Amanda wants — a choice that she is desperate to make in a life controlled by her conservatorship.

Without reading Amanda’s mind, it’s impossible to say what the truth is.

She has been troubled for years, plagued by mental illness and using substance abuse in an attempt to self-medicate.

Amanda has made it clear repeatedly that much of her struggles stem from childhood trauma.

We hope that, if she has a child, Amanda will be able to give that child — one way or another — a much better life than she has had.

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