Amazing procedure that could help you drop a dress size before Christmas

The rush is on to look your best in your LBD. The only problem is, you’ve got to get into it? Don’t panic!

You can wave goodbye to those stubborn fat pockets with The Onda  – a revolutionary lunchtime fat fighting and body contouring treatment that will whip you into shape.

One painless, fast-acting treatment and you will look slimmer and sexier in time for the party season. No scalpels, required.

So what exactly is it?

The Onda with Coolwaves is a three in one body contouring treatment that fights fat, tightens skin and smooths cellulite all in one device.

The machine works using Coolwaves (Microwave) Technology.

Microwave technology is already widely used in many branches of medicine and this technology is now being applied to body contouring procedures.

During the treatment a special hand piece emits special ‘microwaves ‘ (called Coolwaves) to break down fat cells while at the same time tightening skin and smoothing cellulite.

The heat from the microwave beam is transmitted straight through to the fat layer, which is then eliminated naturally by the body’s lymphatic system over the following weeks.

The machine is also designed to stimulate collagen production, which helps in contouring, firming and shaping

One of the first women to try the treatment in the UK, mum of one, Sue, 60, shares her story…

“I exercise regularly and eat well, but the bulge of fat on my stomach area just didn’t respond to diet and exercise, so this treatment seemed perfect for me.

"I loved the fact that it could blitz my belly fat without any scary scalpels.

"I also liked the fact that it was non invasive only took 30 minutes, with no recovery time.

"During the treatment a small hand piece was placed over my stomach. At first, it felt cold but after a few minutes it began to warm up. 

"In fact, the treatment felt like a deep tissue massage and wasn't  uncomfortable. In fact, I nearly drifted off.  

"After, I was assured that the fat would naturally leave the body over the following days and my skin would also tighten. I was also advised to drink plenty of water before and after, which helps the body eliminate the dead fat cells I also watched my diet, cut out all the crap, as this can improve results.

"I first noticed that my tummy seemed tighter and firmer about six days later. Then over the following weeks I was amazed to see I had lost the flab on my lower tummy and it was far more toned.

"I can even see my stomach muscles again. I may have another couple of treatments in the New Year to top up the results but I can’t wait to get into my LBD now….”

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How long does it take?

The treatment takes around 30 minutes. You’ll see results after one treatment but for best results a course of four recommended, one every two weeks.

Where can I have it?

It works on most areas of the body, including stomach, thighs, arms, bra line, love handles and arms.

Does it hurt?

There’s no pain as the machine uses a cooling system during the process. At most, you’ll feel a warm sensation that is quite relaxing as the hand piece is placed over the treatment areas.

There are no side effects but after the treatment there may be mil redness, and possibly a little bit of itching.

Because it’s non-invasive there is no downtime and you can go back to whatever you were doing straight away.

What does it cost?

One treatment from  £300 depending on area treated.  A course of 4 sessions  £1200 – for more information see  Harley Street Skin Clinic   0207 436 4441

Make sure you get the best results possible with these extra tips…

If you want to maintain the benefits or boost the results of any body reducing treatment – combine with lifestyle changes:

*Strength training – along with regular cardiovascular exercise, a couple of sessions of lifting weights per week can help fat melting. The extra muscle you build helps burn more calories.

 *Eat more fruit /salads – rich in vitamin C and flavonoids which will help break down fatty compounds while lettuce is rich in iron and magnesium, which can aid fat loss.

 *Drink more water as this will help flush out fat that is broken down by fat zapping treatments.

*Green tea contains antioxidants and is known to increase the body's metabolic rate, the speed at which fat is burned.

*Massage treatments are good for boosting circulation and can also help firm skin, especially if you have them at least once a month. A manual lymphatic draining massage (MLD) is particularly beneficial as it encourages the removal of waste and toxins from body tissue

*Remember when you are losing fat it won’t add up to much on the scale, but it what’s spilling over the top of your jeans or your bra that counts.

And don't forget about your face…

There's a new ingenious injectable treatment on the market- Ellanse.

Traditional dermal fillers only address lines, wrinkles and folds but Ellanse is a an injectable treatment made of Poly-Caprolactone (PCl) that not only corrects the signs of ageing but also works beneath the surface to stimulate your own supply of collagen production.

Ellanse is a particularly good option if you want to restore a more youthful shape to your face but don't want a face-lift or other surgery.

In fact, many celebrities are secretly having Ellanse as it gives a natural-looking, fresh-faced appearance along with an even toned complexion that is plumped-up, dewy and glowing with good health.

The treatment is safe for most skin types and can be used around the temples and brow area to fill hollows, around the cheeks to give a gentle lift as well as reshape sagging around the jaw line.

What happens?

The procedure is quick  – around 20 minutes, and the results are immediate.

Even better they will carry on improving over the following weeks as new collagen is formed.

There is no downtime, although you may have some redness at the injection sites, which can be covered up with mineral make up.

How long does it last?
As long as you like! There are different versions of Ellanse lasting from one year to four years.

How much does it cost?
From around £450 per treatment – Harley Street Skin Clinic  0207436 4441

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