An unlikely choice: Lindsay Lohan to host Australian singing show

In a couple of weeks Lindsay Lohan, arguably one of the most controversial showbiz figures of the past 20 years, is due to arrive in Sydney to shoot a new singing game show called The Masked Singer for Channel Ten.

She’s back! Lindsay Lohan heading to Sydney, but what can we expect?

Lohan will join a panel of Australian stars – including Dannii Minogue, Jackie O and Dave Hughes – who must successfully identify the local celebrity performers disguised in elaborate costumes appearing on the show.

But, let's be frank, Lohan is highly unlikely to be able to tell her Amanda Kellers from her Lisa Wilkinsons or Grant Denyers, regardless of what ridiculous get-up in which they sing, and it would seem uncertain the calibre of performers heading to this show will be any higher than the names I've suggested here.

Grant Denyer … who?Credit:AAP

Presumably Barnsey and Farnsey have more edifying things to do than dress up as a giant peacock as Donny Osmond did on the show in America. And Kate Ceberano, don't even think about it.

Lohan's knowledge of Australian – ahem – celebrities would be limited at best, let alone her ability to name Channel Ten's talent stable. She seems like an unlikely choice for the show.

So this leaves one to conclude that this is a particularly cynical casting move by the powers that be at Channel Ten and Warner Bros Australia, which is making the show that was originally created in South Korea, and which has since gone global.

Osher Gunsberg (centre) and characters from the ‘The Masked Singer’ arrive at the 2019 Logie Awards.Credit:AAP

Indeed I'd go so far as to say the casting of Lohan was a somewhat desperate bid to generate a bit of publicity around a show which, let's be frank, has the potential to be a giant – albeit singing – lemon.

It is almost unfathomable to think that Lohan is only 33 years old.

It feels like she has been making headlines – for all the wrong reasons – longer than she has walked the Earth, though admittedly she began her showbiz career as a child model, posing from the age of 3, fast becoming her somewhat dysfunctional's biggest cash cow.

She went on to become a hugely popular Disney star, her career reaching its apex in the critically acclaimed and very successful film Mean Girls, created by comic Tina Fey and released … wait for it … in 2004. That's 15 years ago!

Lindsay Lohan poses for her booking mugshot at the Lynwood Correctional Facility in California in 2010.Credit:Reuters/Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

For nearly half her life Lohan has been the subject of some of the most damning tabloid headlines you could imagine, from her various drink-driving offences, her failed stints in rehab, her jail sentences, her celebrity feuds, her run-ins with the law including an uncontested charged of stealing jewellery, her being sacked from various movies, becoming "uninsurable" in showbiz.

Even today, whenever she dares go on a chat show in the US she is constantly asked about her past.

She's been the subject of various and mostly failed comebacks, including one filmed by Oprah Winfrey's team, but all that seemed to amount to nothing when she ended up living in Moscow and hooked up with a boyfriend whom she accused of assaulting her. She even went on social media to – gulp – defend Harvey Weinstein when the #metoo movement took off.

It appeared a sense of calmness had finally been restored when Lohan eventually moved to  Dubai, where paparazzi are banned and she threw herself in to launching a range of lipsticks, but then she emerged as a star of a show on MTV about opening her own nightclub on Mykonos.

Apparently Lohan already has two other clubs in Greece, which would seem at odds with someone who has been very public about her addictions and who was famously banned from the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood after racking up a $50,000 hotel bill when hosting a series of wild benders.

However last month MTV said Lohan's Mykonos show had been canned, and 18 months after she said she was launching a range of cosmetics, there's still no sign of any Lindsay lippie.

So what can we expect during her stay in Sydney next month?

And, more importantly, has the management at Channel Ten really thought the whole thing through given Lohan's well-documented track record? What message are they sending to all the younger viewers who will inevitably tune into to what is such a gimmicky show?

Indeed Lohan's bad press makes the likes of Karl Stefanovic's trash mag foray look like a walk in the park by comparison.

Apparently all is forgotten and forgiven when it comes to the pursuit of ever-diminishing ratings.

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