Asher Angel Releases New Quarantine Music Video For ‘Guilty’ – Watch Now!

Asher Angel has unveiled his new music video for his latest song “Guilty“!

The 17-year-old singer and actor filmed the music video near his home while in quarantine with the help of family.

“It was an all hands-on-deck adventure [with] Dad, Mom, my siblings and [my choreographer] Kylie. We found different empty landscapes around our home here in Arizona and shot there,” he told Pop Crush about the video.

“It’s a love song gone wrong. Everybody experiences heartbreak at some point. And that’s what ‘Guilty’ speaks to. Love, heartache, pain are all different emotional chords that are experienced with vulnerability. ‘Guilty’ tells part of that story and emotes part of that pain,” he added about the meaning of the song.

After the song was released last week, it reached #12 on the iTunes Pop Chart, marking his highest chart position to date. Congrats Asher!

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