Ava Kolker Dishes How ‘Girl Meets World’ Prepared Her For New Series ‘Sydney To The Max’ (Exclusive)

Ava Kolker is about to premiere her brand new series, Sydney to the Max, on Disney Channel this week!

JJJ had the chance to chat with the 12-year-old actress about her new role as Olive in the show, and how playing Ava in Girl Meets World helped prepare her.

“What I like most about Olive is her fun, outgoing, loyal but quirky personality,” Ava tells us of Olive, the BFF to Ruth Righi‘s Sydney. “[They] always have each other’s back and are always there for one another to lean on or for a good laugh. They also sometimes get in a bit of trouble together.”

She adds that the fans will love the new show because of the “relationships and bonds between the characters and the hilarious comparisons between current day and the 90s.”

“They can also laugh with their parents as both generations will find a lot to relate to.”

Ava also opened up about how her recurring role in Girl Meets World, helped prepare her for Olive.

“It taught me how a show flows and the life of a Disney kid – meaning waking up at 5:30 am and having a full busy day of super fun work,” she shares. “But also, it taught me how to transform into another person completely and get creative to order to help build the different fun layers of that character.”

Sydney to the Max premieres on Friday, January 25th on Disney Channel. Stay tuned for more interviews!

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