Bella Hadid Explains Why She Doesn’t Use a Hollywood Stylist Anymore

Bella Hadid wore a bright orange turtleneck while running a few errands earlier this week in Los Angeles

The 25-year-old model paired her chic top with coordinating orange sneakers and a pair of parachute pants while arriving back at her car after an appointment.

In a recent interview, Bella opened up about why she hasn’t used a stylist in the past two years.

“I was in such a weird place mentally that it was really complicated for me to get out of the house and put an outfit together, especially with the anxiety of [paparazzi] being outside and all that,” she explained to WSJ Magazine. “In the last year, it was really important for me to learn that even if people talk about my style or if they like it or if they don’t, it doesn’t matter, because it’s my style.”

She adds, “When I leave the house in the morning, what I think about is: Does this make me happy? Do I feel good in this and do I feel comfortable?”

Bella also recently stopped doing this.

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