Beyoncé Says Jay-Z Is the Reason Why She Can't Stay Under the Radar While Out in Public

Sometimes, Beyoncé just wants to enjoy the simple pleasures of life without getting hounded by paparazzi. While she can’t really go unnoticed in public today due to her being the Queen Bey and all, she was able to fly under the radar once upon a time — that is, until Jay-Z blew her cover.

Beyoncé tries to keep a low profile while doing normal activities

Even though she’s a worldwide superstar, Beyoncé’s continued to remind us that she is a normal human being who enjoys doing normal human things too.

From purchasing Popeyes chicken to doing silly dances at family parties, Beyoncé’s proved that she’s actually not too different from us.

While it’s not everyday Bey’s caught doing relatable activities, she has been photographed several times doing many people’s favorite pastime: shopping at reasonably priced stores.

In the past, Bey’s been spotted browsing the aisles of popular retailers like Target and Walmart and has drawn massive crowds at the mere sight of her presence.

While it’s practically impossible for someone of Beyoncé’s stature to go unnoticed in stores, there was actually a time she could fly under the radar in public.

During a 2006 interview with Tyra Banks on The Tyra Banks Show, Bey opened up about how she was able to go unnoticed in public even while her songs were topping the charts.

“My biggest disguise is just a hat and no glam and maybe some flip flops and jeans. I just try to be low-key,” she told the supermodel.

Though she admitted that it’s gotten a lot harder to go incognito in public, that hasn’t stopped the singer from taking frequent trips to her favorite retailers.

“You know, I love to go to grocery stores and Target and Walgreens,” she said. “I buy a lot of things I’ll never use. A lot of toiletries, you know.”

Jay-Z revealed Beyoncé’s disguise name

Although she’s tried keeping a low profile while in public, Bey revealed that Jay-Z’s the reason she can no longer go unnoticed while out and about.

While sitting down with Banks, the singer revealed that her undercover name in stores used to be “B.” However, after the rapper said the name in their 2003 song, “Crazy In Love,” the whole world now knows Beyoncé’s alias.

“[My family] calls me ‘B’ and that was my disguise name in the grocery stores until Jay put it in ‘Crazy In Love’ and now everyone calls me ‘B,’” she said.

But despite her cover being blown, that hasn’t stopped Bey from being a regular shopper like the rest of us.

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