Big Brother Recap: Which Alliance Just Blew Up?

The Big Brother house is a place for scheming.

The aim of the game is to scheme your way to the top spot, but how is that possible if you emerge as a target in the first week?

Kevin and Keesha were on the block at the top of Wednesday’s episode, but only one of them was campaigning to remain in the house. 

Did that mean Keesha knew she was safe? Nope, she merely took Cody’s word for it that she was not the target. 

The old school players are playing a dangerous game, and should the newer players continue to gather ground, the older players will be playing to lose. 

Enzo is in a good spot. He’s working with Cody, who has proven to be a loyal player in the past, but it’s evident Enzo is worried about the Nicole Franzel of it all. 

If Cody’s ride or die is Nicole, Enzo is clearly thinking about where that leaves him in a final two scenario. It makes sense then that he would try to rat Nicole and Ian’s game talk out to Cody. 

Nicole and Ian joining an alliance is a good thing. They’re the only winners in the house, so they are going to have a huge target. There’s no question about that. 

They could also make a case for someone taking them to the end, however, and that’s because nobody will let the same person win again. 

We witnessed it on Big Brother 14 when Dan emerged as runner-up after running the game, so yeah, Nicole and Ian could come in handy … if they start winning competitions. 

Kevin is like a lost puppy, completely unsure of himself, and he should be cutting deals to stay in the game. 

Choosing Enzo as his choice for the Veto competition wasn’t the best of moves, but the Veto typically does not get played in the earlier weeks of the game. 

That’s the norm, and when it came to the actual Veto, we had Tyler, Ian, Enzo, Kevin, Keesha, and Cody playing to win. 

It wasn’t a great competition, but probably the best the team could muster given that the series is on the air during a global pandemic. 

There were so many opportunities for other players to win, but they screwed up by not paying attention to their timers, which is a shame. 

Ian was feeling worried about his place in the house, Tyler was making deals with everyone, and Keesha was being Keesha. 

In the end, Enzo secured a victory because the other players could not strike the right balance to remain in the running. 

This was a good thing for Cody because it meant he had all the power to choose who would go up as a replacement should Enzo save Kevin. 

When it got down to it, however, Kevin and Keesha remained on the block because Enzo and Cody did not want to rock the boat. 

As we look towards the eviction, it is probably going to be a unanimous vote to evict Keesha. 

Who would have thought such a huge player from way back when would be going home in the first week?

Big Brother continues Thursday at 8/7c.

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