Brangelina Needs More Time To Settle Their Custody Fight

If we’ve learned one thing from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie splitting up, it’s that those two are taking out all the pent-up rage they’ve amassed over the years of do-gooder ways around the world and letting it out on each other in the form of a custody battle. I figured those two would never actually get divorced and just spend the next few decades firing off legal letters until Judge Judy settled their marital tiff. But then it was reported that they’re trying to settle their custody issues so they can avoid going to trial. And now they’re asking for a lot more time to shank at each other in a private conference instead of in a courtroom.

The Blast says Angie filed legal papers to extend the time Judge John Ouderkirk is amassing funds for a beach house overseeing their custody matters. He was originally supposed to stick around only until June, but the filing asks for his time to be bumped back to the end of 2019.

Jolie, who notes that Ouderkirk is privately compensated by the two stars, wants to make sure he oversee all the pre-trial motions and requests, and then handles the private custody trial, if necessary.

The couple is asking that the judge be extended until December 31st, 2019. Ouderkirk was previously slated to be on board until June, so it seems the stars are making sure they have enough time to reach a settlement without going to a trial.

What’s also interesting is that Judge John officiated Brangelina’s 2014 wedding. Aw, I love how full circle life can be at times. Wait, that’s not a good example. Tough shit.

Most people take the extension as a sign they’ll eventually reach a deal to share the kids that doesn’t involve a trial that, while providing Angelina opportunity to dress as Velma Kelly, would likely scar the kids. Angie’s filing also notes that John is getting paid by both of the divorcing duo, so see? She isn’t a gold digger! Let’s just hope they aren’t paying him in cases of Miravel rosé. Only I’m mess enough to accept that as wages!


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