Britney Spears Appears in Court for Conservatorship Hearing After Treatment

Her own advocate. Britney Spears appeared in court on Friday, May 10, regarding her conservatorship weeks after she completed mental health treatment in a wellness center.

“Britney arrived at the courthouse and came in with her mother, Lynne [Spears],” an insider reveals. “She isn’t in the courtroom and is in the building.”

A source told Us Weekly prior to the court date that the judge was “very concerned about Britney” and “told all parties involved she [wanted] to see Britney in person, and very soon.”

Earlier this week, the 37-year-old pop star’s mother filed a request with the Los Angeles County Superior Court to receive updates on her daughter’s conservatorship. Britney’s father and Lynne’s ex-husband, Jamie Spears, has been in charge of the conservatorship since 2007, but has been dealing with health issues in the wake of suffering a ruptured colon in late 2018.

“Legally Jamie, as the conservator, has more of a say in Britney’s life than Lynne, as the mother,” a source previously told Us. “This filing is not Lynne’s attempt to take control of the conservatorship from Jamie; she simply wants to know what’s going on and feels she should have that right just as much as Jamie does.”

The insider noted that “Britney’s health is still a work in progress” and her mother “wants to be aware of all decisions” as she has been staying with the “Toxic” singer.

Britney checked out of treatment on April 25 after seeking help amid her father’s health battle. “She’s going to continue with outpatient [treatment] three days a week and she’s taking her medication as prescribed,” a source revealed to Us earlier this month. “She has a long road ahead but is also working out, doing yoga, meditating and really trying to get herself back to the place she was before her father got sick.”

In the midst of her focus on mental health revitalization, the Grammy winner is not worried about returning to a darker path. According to an insider, “Britney doesn’t live in fear of repeating what happened in 2007 and 2008.”

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