Britney Spears Doesn’t Know Who Pete Davidson Is, Exists in a Pure State of Bliss

Remember when Pete Davidson flaunted his new friendship with Scott Disick?

Thousands of people saw them hanging out, recognizing that it was a rub against Kanye West.

Britney Spears, however, did not. She doesn’t even know who Pete or Scott are.

For years, the world cried “Free Britney!” She really is free — more than most of us can imagine.

Before we get into how blissfully unaware Britney is of headlines that are inescapable to the rest of us, let’s start at the beginning.

For months, now, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have been boning.

In recent weeks, they stopped playing coy about their relationship, actually speaking about it and going Instagram official.

Pete showed off his friendship with the extended Kardashian clan, capturing footage from “boys night” with Scott Disick.

The footage was a joke — everyone was drowsily watching a movie.

Pete cracked a joke about what a “wild” time they were having.

Britney shared the video, proving that you could enjoy the content even if all that you saw was a room full of generic white dudes.

“Sorry had to repost this … no idea who these people in the video are but it made me laugh so hard !!!!” Britney admitted.

She shared the video of Pete’s with that caption, entertaining fans and followers … who couldn’t help but marvel at it.

One could understand someone who isn’t neck deep in Kardashian news every day to not recognize Scott at a glance in a dimly lit room.

(I mean, I would recognize him, but I also always ace those “whose beach body is this” clickbait quizzes, so … I am not a representative sample)

Not recognizing Pete, on the other hand, when his whole face is in view, is another story.

Pete has spent the better part of the past half-year very unsubtly boning Kim.

We don’t mean that they’ve been making or leaking sex tapes.

We just mean that there are very few reasons for two said-to-be-dating people to travel together like that, and theirs was obvious.

Pete hasn’t just made headlines; he has also been featured in music videos (albeit against his will).

It wasn’t that long ago when Kanye West came out with a stop-motion video depicting him kidnapping and burying Pete alive.

Maybe Britney doesn’t listen to Kanye’s music (which is fair; I haven’t, either), but it was still big news in the music scene.

In 2018, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande were absolutely everywhere.

Their whirlwind romance and engagement and then their breakup were can’t-miss content.

From Ariana’s “Thank U, Next” to the popularization of the phrase “big dick energy,” it was a major moment in the media.

Even following that relationship crashing and burning, Pete continued to make the news.

He dated legendary hotties, from Kate Beckinsale to Kaia Gerber.

And let’s not forget that Pete was already a widely desired commodity himself, albeit to a smaller audience, before his penis started opening doors for him.

Pete joined SNL as the youngest (and one of the hottest) cast members in the show’s history.

Even when he was just trash-talking his hometown of Staten Island or participating in outrageously funny skits, people noticed him.

(To date, one of my favorite skits of all time is the “Posters” skit with Emma Stone, which starred Pete)

So … why didn’t Britney know who he was?

First of all, because she doesn’t have to.

Britney is a world-famous phenomenon and has been a household name since Pete was a little kid.

It’s also worth mentioning that Britney spent many years under a conservatorship.

It has been strongly suggested that this unjust arrangement filtered her exposure to the rest of the world, even to what news she read.

And a simpler explanation is that maybe Britney doesn’t look at headlines after the vicious way in which she has been portrayed in them for most of her life.

When people express envy over Britney’s blissful unawareness of Pete and Scott, it’s not out of hatred for them.

Instead, it’s at times difficult to imagine what life must be like for someone to not be constantly aware of every world event, every meme, every piece of discourse.

As always, we wish Britney the absolute best as she continues to embrace her freedom and run wild on social media.

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