Cameron Kasky Needles David Hogg Over 'Cash Grab' Pillow

Hogg’s Good Pillow trended on Twitter Tuesday night as he requested people sign up for notifications on when they can pre-order the MyPillow competitor

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Parkland school shooting survivor and gun control advocate Cameron Kasky was one of many tweeting about fellow Parkland survivor David Hogg and his pillow company Tuesday night, but he wasn’t exactly heaping praise on his former classmate.

“I spent so much time promising people this wasn’t going to turn into a cash grab,” Kasky tweeted while Good Pillow trended and Hogg called for his 1 million followers to sign up for pre-order notifications. “I am applying my clown makeup with the shame I deserve.”

“To those of you who marched, donated, lobbied, and called for change… I’m so sorry this is what it turned into. This is embarrassing,” he wrote, before adding that he isn’t “jealous” because he was actually offered shares of the company but turned them down.

“I just declined because while I’m kind of a grifter, I’m not that much of a grifter,” he said.

Kasky referenced Hogg’s now-viral confrontation with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, which took place before she was elected. She recorded herself following him down the street and demanding to know how he got meetings with lawmakers. She also called him a “coward,” informed him she has a concealed carry permit and suggested he’s being paid by a shadowy, anti-gun figure.

“Credit where credit is due, if I had a ton of good press and attention for getting harassed by a certified loony toon, I’d probably try to make some money off of it too!” Kasky added.

Hogg announced the name of the company, Good Pillow, Tuesday, a few days after revealing he was going to make his own pillow brand to compete with MyPillow, the company founded by Mike Lindell, a vocal backer of former president Donald Trump.

“@williamlegate and I can and will run a better business and make a better product all with more happy staff than Mike the pillow guy while creating US based Union jobs and helping people. This pillow fight is just getting started,” Hogg said Thursday.

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