Cardi B to Offset: We’re Over! You Cheated AGAIN!


More like WHAM, it’s all over for Cardi B and Offset.

The famous couple is officially calling it quits after three years of marriage.

The 27-year old rapper filed for divorce at an Atlanta courthouse on Tuesday, claiming in her documents that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” and “there are no prospects for a reconciliation.”

For what reason?

Because Offset cheated on Cardi B, according to people Magazine.

The pair, who share two-year-old daughter Kulture Kiari, are due in court on November 4 for a hearing.

Neither star has commented on the split, but an insider says to Us Weekly:

“Offset and Cardi both continue to put Kulture first through this troubling time.”

Cardi B is asking for child support from Offset and hopes the divorce “will be settled by agreement of the parties,” per the official filing.

Moreover, the artist is seeking full custody of the ex-couple’s daughter and expects Offset to pay child support.

This isn’t the first time Offset has been accused of infidelity.

After the celebrities secretly got married in September 2017, Cardi confirmed in December of 2018 that they were ending their romance because her then-husband had been railing other women outside of their union.

However, after Offset publicly begged his wife for forgiveness — and confessed to the cheating — the pair agreed to work on things for the sake of their daughter.

“I want to apologize to you Cardi. I embarrassed you. I made you go crazy,” Offset said in his videotaped mea culpa almost two years ago, adding:

“I was partaking in activity that I shouldn’t have been partaking in, and I apologize… For breaking your heart, for breaking our promise, for breaking God’s promise and being a selfish, messed up husband.”

About two months after this groveling, Cardi B and Offset basically shagged on the red carpet of the 2019 Grammy Awards, confirming they were back together.

Defending her decision around this time, Cardi B Tweeted:

“No, it’s not right for a [n—] to cheat…But what you want me to do?

“Go f-ck me another n—? Start all over again and get cheated on again? This sh-t happens to everyone… People handle they relationship different soo.”

In a February 2018 interview with Cosmopolitan, Cardi opened up about the situation and why she decided to stick with her dishonest man.

“I know I look good, I know I’m rich, I know I’m talented. I know I could get any man I want — any basketball player, football player,” she said. “But I want to work out my sh-t with my man, and I don’t got to explain why.

I’m not your property. This is my life … I’m going to take my time, and I’m going to decide on my decision.

“It’s not right, what he f-cking did — but people don’t know what I did, ’cause I ain’t no angel.”

Alas, it seems now as if Offset stepped out one too many times.

“People that be in marriages for years, when they say till death do us part, they not talking about little arguments like if you leave the fridge open,” Cardi said in January of this year. “That’s including everything.”

She also said to Vogue a few months ago:

“For me, monogamy is the only way. I’ll beat your ass if you cheat on me.”

Or, at the very least, she’ll leave your ass.

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