CBS Airs Promo for Nina Dobrev’s New Sitcom ‘Fam’

Nina Dobrev’s new sitcom Fam is done production and all set to premiere on CBS in January. As part of pre-rollout marketing, CBS aired the first official promo ad for the series.

In Fam, Nina stars as lead character “Clem,” a young woman on the go just about to marry into an upstanding family. Just in time to cause lots of complications, Clem’s trainwreck of a half-sister comes to live with her to escape their father, who is even more of a mess.

Supporting Nina on the series is a cast of well-known TV show veterans, including Kate Walsh, Gary Cole, Tone Bell, Odessa Adlon, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Sheryl Lee Ralph.

We have the video promo below, as well as BTS clip aired by CBS earlier in 2018.

(Image source: Nina Dobrev Instagram account)

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