Celebs Are Bored: Walton Goggins Makes Hump Day Cocktails, Yells at the Sky

As much of America continues to self-quarantine, the propensity to go stir crazy increases with each passing day. Celebrities are no different: bored out of their minds while sitting at home indefinitely. Maybe they are ceaselessly launching Instagram Lives just for some human connection. Maybe they’re teasing us with some quarantine writing session. Most likely, they’re sitting in their very large homes, marathoning movies until their eyes glaze over. Relatable! Celebs Are Bored highlights the absurd, inane and mundane decisions made by people who have an unexpectedly large amount of free time.

Walton Goggins is socially isolating at home with a spouse who only drinks red wine. That’s a problem for the actor, who has said he loves “making cocktails more than anything else in the world.”

But his quarantine has been our gain: for the past few weeks, the Quentin Tarantino go-to has been mixing up bespoke drinks on Instagram for a virtual happy hour. The semi-regular Wednesday afternoon hangs are an intoxicating pick-me-up, offering a chaser of encouragement alongside some must-try boozy creations. Goggins even gets spiffy for the occasion — trading sweatpants for a different jaunty hat every week — but it’s his unbridled enthusiasm that makes this a 100 proof experience.

“I’m going to do a hump day shake and work some of this shit out!” he hollered this week, jostling a mezcal-Campari concoction that he dramatically garnished with fresh jalapeno and lime. “What! The birds are singing! Are you kidding me, this is amazing!”

Last week, he worked his magic with a negroni, well before Stanley Tucci’s seductive concoction flooded everyone’s feeds. But while Tucci shakes his version of the cocktail, Goggins insists on stirring his — for an uninterrupted two minutes. “What else you got to do?”

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