Chappelle Claims R. Kelly’s "Goons" Threatened Him Over Sketch

Comedian Dave Chappelle claims he was threatened by R. Kelly‘s “goons” after the infamous singer got pissed off due to his “Piss on You” sketch.

According to TMZ, Chappelle told the crowd at WeHo Improv in Los Angeles on Wednesday, that some of Kelly’s men confronted him following the sketch’s premiere on Comedy Central.

In 2003, Chappelle had made fun of R. Kelly in an infamous skit titled “Piss On You.” The parody was based on an alleged videotape mailed to the Chicago Sun-Times in 2002, in which the singer engaged in sexual acts with a minor, including urinating on her.

“I never met him,” Chappelle says. “We was in Chicago at a Common show and his goons bust in my room. I don’t know if they was his goons but they sure did like him.”

“He said, ‘How are you gonna do the video of me peeing on [girls] like that?’ … and I said, ‘How you gonna do the video?'” the comedian joked.

Kelly was accused by multiple women of abuse, predatory behavior and pedophilia in Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docu-series.

Several artists have subsequently pulled their collaborations with R. Kelly from streaming services. Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, The Pussycat Dolls, Chance the Rapper and Ciara have all pulled their R. Kelly-featured tracks.

(Photo: John Bauld)

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