Charlotte Crosby’s giant tree causes chaos as it falls into neighbour’s garden

Charlotte Crosby shared her pain with her followers after discovering that a ‘giant tree’ in her backyard had ‘ripped itself out of the floor’ and fallen into her neighbour’s garden. 

The reality star, 30, was photographed dealing with the fallen tree, which had also taken a chunk of fence down with it, to get it removed from her neighbour’s garden.

Charlotte was seen standing by the roots of the tree as she made a phone call before assessing the damage from the other side. 

She had shared the story with her followers on Instagram on Thursday night, explaining: ‘Guys, I don’t know if it could get any worse than this. A f**king gigantic tree has just collapsed in my garden.

‘I mean you’ve seen the trees in my garden, it’s practically like a forest. When I say they are about 40, 50, some are even maybe 60 foot high. 

‘Oh my god, honestly… how does a tree just rip itself out of the floor and fall over?’

Charlotte added: ‘So I was just sitting here and all I can hear is like a huge like “crrhhhh” and I’m like “oh, that’s a loud noise that the ice machine is making,” and it was the g****mn tree. 

‘Oh god, it’s so terrible, it fell into the neighbour’s garden. I’m going to show you some pictures now, it’s like a scene from Sleepy Hollow.’

Charlotte shared some snaps of the damage the tree had caused to her garden when it uprooted, adding that it ‘ripped up the ground’.

She also posted a photo of one of the remaining trees, explaining: ‘This is the tree next to it and look how big this one is!!!! 

‘The one that’s decided to fall over was twice as big,’ before adding: ‘there’s a huge hole been torn out of the ground. Like this photo does not do the size justice.’

Here’s hoping someone can come out to fix the fence and remove the tree soon. 

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