Chelsea Handler on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Reaction to Her Ghosting Claims: That Ship Has Sailed

One day after the comedienne claimed she never heard from him though they agreed to a date, the New York governor suggests to the ladies of ‘The View’ that she changes her residence.

AceShowbizChelsea Handler does not seem willing to give Governor Andrew Cuomo another chance in dating her. Shortly after the New York governor suggested that he would possibly date her if she changes her residence, the “Chelsea” star declared publicly that “the ship has sailed.”

The 45-year-old initially took to Twitter on Thursday, October 29 to urge fellow Americans to vote. While many responded accordingly, one individual updated her on the politician’s reaction to her claims that he ghosted her after they agreed to go on a date. In return, the comedienne wrote back, “That ship has sailed. He can’t handle me.”

Chelsea made the “ghosting” claims against Andrew when she made an appearance in the Wednesday, October 29 episode of the talk show. “I did have a conversation with Cuomo a few months ago, and I did ask him out on a date, and he did say yes. And then I never heard from him,” she confessed.

Knowing that Andrew would stop by the talk show the day after, Chelsea asked the hosts to do a “follow up” with him. “I do want you to follow up on something for me, ladies, if you don’t mind,” the “Chelsea Lately” host jokingly requested.

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