Child stars: Then and now
  1. Alexa Penavega played Carmen Cortez in Spy Kids (Image: Dimension Films / IG)1 of 62
  2. My Wife and Kids star Parker McKenna Posey has sure grown up since her Kady Jay days (Image: Getty/Instagram)2 of 62
  3. Former S Club Juniors star Stacey McClean strips off for a raunchy shoot (Image: Getty/ of 62
  4. Matilda star Mara Wilson (Image: GETTY • Twitter)4 of 62
  5. Faryl Smith (2008) (Image: REX * Instagram)5 of 62
  6. Jim Farz played chocolate loving Bruce Bogtrott in Matilda in 1996 (Image: IG)6 of 62
  7. Kate Ritchie played Sally Fletcher in Home & Away, now look at her (Image: PH/Getty)7 of 62
  8. Lisa and Louise Burns from 1980s horror film The Shining pictured then and now (Image: IG)8 of 62
  9. Martine McCutcheon in the band ‘Milan’ in 1990 and now in 2016 (Image: GETTY)9 of 62
  10. Aileen Quinn played little orphan Annie in the 1982 musical and now (Image: Getty)10 of 62
  11. Danica McKellar played Winnie in The Wonder Years, 1988 and now (Image: Getty)11 of 62
  12. Fred Savage who played Kevin in The Wonder Years, 1998 vs 2016 (Image: Getty)12 of 62
  13. Olivia d’Abo played Karen in The Wonder Years, 1998 vs 2016 (Image: Getty)13 of 62
  14. Jane Banks from Mary Poppins was played by Karen Dotrice in 1964 (Image: Getty)14 of 62
  15. Roy Snart as Paul Rawlins in Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Image: IG)15 of 62
  16. Cindy O’Callaghan as Carrie Rawlins in Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Image: IG)16 of 62
  17. Ronan Parke (2011) (Image: Getty * Instagram)17 of 62
  18. Hollie Steele (2009 series) (Image: REX * Instagram)18 of 62
  19. Shaheen Jafargholi (2009) (Image: REX * Instagram)19 of 62
  20. Perri Kiely from Diversity in 2009 and now in 2016 (Image: Getty*REX)20 of 62
  21. Max from the 1997 Liar Liar played by Justin Cooper (Image: Google/Instagram)21 of 62
  22. Sara Gilbert who played Darlene in Roseanne in 1992 and 2016 (Image: Getty)22 of 62
  23. Michael Fishman who played D.J. on Roseanne in 1991 and now (Image: Getty)23 of 62
  24. Lecy Goranson who played Becky in Roseanne in 1991 and now (Image: Getty)24 of 62
  25. Eric Scott played Ben Walton on The Waltons pictured in 1978 and now (Image: Getty)25 of 62
  26. Harry Potter star Rupert Grint was spotted sporting two very black eyes recently (Image: PH/Eroteme)26 of 62
  27. Actress Tatyana Ali in Fresh Prince of Bel Air and now (Image: Getty)27 of 62
  28. Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter (Image: IG/SPLASH)28 of 62
  29. Mary Bennington aka Robin Weisman from Three Men & A Little Lady (Image: IG)29 of 62
  30. Jordan Fry played Mike Teavee in the 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Image: Getty/IG)30 of 62
  31. Isabelle Fuhrman played Esther in the film Orphan and then Clove in The Hunger Games (Image: IG / Instagram)31 of 62
  32. Nicola Peltz came to screen in The Last Airbender and then went on to star in The Transformers (Image: IG / Instagram)32 of 62
  33. Mara Wilson who played Matilda (Image: IG/TWITTER)33 of 62
  34. Tom Felton played Harry Potter villain Draco Malfoy (Image: IG/SPLASH)34 of 62
  35. Erik Per Sullivan aka Dewey in Malcom in the Middle (Image: IG/WENN)35 of 62
  36. Taylor Momsen is Cindy Lou Who in The Grinch (Image: IG/FLYNET)36 of 62
  37. Peter Ostrum who played Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Image: Getty)37 of 62
  38. Cole Sprouse aka Ross’s son Ben in Friends (Image: IG/TWITTER)38 of 62
  39. Gerry Maguire and Stuart Little actor Jonathan Lipnicki (Image: IG/TWITTER)39 of 62
  40. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen from It Takes Two are all grown up (Image: IG/FLYNET)40 of 62
  41. About a Boy star Nicholas Hoult as Marcus Brewer (Image: IG/WENN)41 of 62
  42. Julie Dawn Cole who played Veruca Salt in Charie and the Chocolate Factory (Image: Getty)42 of 62
  43. Denise Nickerson who played Violet Beauregarde in Charie and the Chocolate Factory (Image: Getty)43 of 62
  44. Daviegh Chase as that scary girl Samara Morgan from The Ring (Image: IG/SPLASH)44 of 62
  45. Jaden Smith starred alongside his father Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness (Image: IG/WENN)45 of 62
  46. Neville Longbottom aka Matthew Lewis from Harry Potter (Image: IG/PA)46 of 62
  47. Brandon “Bug” Hall as Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer in the Little Rascals (Image: IG/TWITTER)47 of 62
  48. Macaulay Culkin’s character was only eight years old when his parents left him at home by accident in the 1990 film (Image: Getty)48 of 62
  49. Parker McKenna played little Kady Kyle in My Wife And Kids from 2001-2005 (Image: Instagram)49 of 62
  50. Little Miss Sunshine actress Abigail Breslin (Image: IG/SPLASH)50 of 62
  51. 51 of 62
  52. Georgie Henley who played Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia (Image: IG/SPLASH)52 of 62
  53. Jamie Waylett as Vincent Crabbe in Harry Potter (Image: IG/WENN)53 of 62
  54. Olivia Olson stars as a young Joanna Anderson involved in a young Christmas romance in Love Actually (Image: PH/Getty)54 of 62
  55. Thomas Brodie Sangster plays a young Sam in the Christmas favourite Love Actually (Image: PH/Getty)55 of 62
  56. Michael Bollner who played Augustus Gloop in Charie and the Chocolate Factory (Image: Getty)56 of 62
  57. Michael C. Maronna (38) played Jeff McCallister in Home Alone and Home Alone 2 (Image: Getty)57 of 62
  58. Kieran Culkin (33) played Fuller McCallister in the Home Alone and in the franchise’s 1992 sequel. (Image: Getty)58 of 62
  59. Hillary Wolf (38) play Megan McCallister in the 1990 family fave film Home Alone. (Image: Twitter)59 of 62
  60. Devin Ratray (38) played the big bully brother Buzz McCallister in the classic ’90s film Home Alone. (Image: Getty)60 of 62
  61. Paris Themmen who played Mike Teevee in Charie and the Chocolate Factory (Image: Getty)61 of 62
  62. Angela Goethals (38) played Linnie McCallister in Home Alone (Image: Twitter)62 of 62

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