Chloe Burrows praises Love Island bosses for major shake-up ahead of new season

Chloe Burrows has praised Love Island bosses for a major shake up which will see fans vote on who couples up with who in the first week.

The former contestant, 25, branded the decision as "smart" and believes it won't make people feel as though they have to stick with their original partner.

Taking to Twitter she wrote: "New love island voting for the couples before is smart cos it gets rid of that first bit where you feel like you have to stick with ur couple.

"Now everyone can run wild."

Many fans agree with the 25 year old, one person responded saying: "Exactly what I was thinking. It causes more chaos and people not worrying about stepping on toes."

Another said: "This is the dream!"

And a third liked her comment so much they asked for her to host the show, writing: "Petition to have Chloe replace that Laura Whitmore as #loveisland host."

The mix up was first revealed by Love Island narrator Iain Stirling, 34, who appeared on Lorraine with Christine Lampard, 43.

He said: "Christine, as you know, I've never given any information ever, but I'm coming at you right now with a big fat exclusive. We're mixing things up this year… Can I tell you?

"So basically, this year, for the first year ever, we want you guys at home to play cupid. And you will have your say on which boy couples up with which girl.

"All you have to do is go over to the Love Island app and decide who you want to couple up with who."

The poll is currently open and will close tomorrow Saturday 4 June evening.

And if you have become overwhelmed with Love Island hype and forgot when the actual show starts you have just three short days to wait until a host of new sexy singletons begin their search for love.

As well as voting for who couples up with who there are several changed which will be introduced to the news series.

This includes a brand new villa and food challenges being scrapped.

Producer Mike Spencer has confirmed sex will be shown again after a blackout ban appeared to be introduced last year.

Speaking to OK! Online and other reporters, he explained that each intimate moment shared between Islanders will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and will mostly make it into the final cut.

"We don't decide anything in advance. You just don't know until you see the footage, genuinely, we are so reactive we are cutting around the clock," Mike explained.

He continued: "If something happens, we are cutting it overnight so until you see something it is hard to make a judgment and you just have to go with what is right.

"The show does get it right, it's suggestive and funny, music is a massive thing, and we will continue to do that but until we see it it's difficult to tell and it depends on who it is."

All the new Love Islanders were revealed and a new group photo of them was released ahead of the new series, leaving many wondering who might couple up with who.

Let us know who you will be voting to couple up in our comments section below.

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