Chris Evans FINALLY Addressed His Nude Photo Leak In The Best Way Possible!!

Chris Evans has been radio silent after appearing to accidentally leak a NSFW photo of his penis on his Instagram Story over the weekend… that is, until now!

While the Hollywood A-lister quickly deleted the footage following the mishap on Saturday, he finally broke his silence on Monday night to address the big elephant in the room. Returning to his Twitter account, Chris used his viral moment to his advantage, writing:

“Now that I have your attention

VOTE Nov 3rd!!!”

LOLz! Leave it to Captain America to use his d**k pic for a good cause, especially considering election day is less than 50 days away and Donald Trump still hopes to be in the White House for four more years.

And just like his original upload, this tweet also garnered tons of star reactions like from Knives Out co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, Kat Dennings, and more! Take a look (below):

Hopefully the Marvel star isn’t feeling too embarrassed still — though we can imagine he’ll feel better knowing his tweet encouraged others to use their voice in this coming election!

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