Chris Evans: ‘I’ll be in the doghouse’ Virgin Radio DJ on being ‘in trouble’ with wife

For a matter of weeks Chris Evans, 53, has been discussing the latest on coronavirus with his Virgin Radio team, providing listeners with tips, humour and snippets of how he and his family are preparing for the UK to be under lockdown for another potential few months. Prime Minister Boris Johnson implemented tougher measures on the UK last Monday, after people weren’t following the rules for isolation and social-distancing.


I know I will be in the doghouse if there is one thing I don’t do

Chris Evans

Chris is doing what he can to prepare for life in quarantine with his wife Natasha, and their four children Noah, Eli, Walt and Boo.

But the former BBC host revealed on Friday morning that there was one thing he needed to get sorted and if he didn’t, he would be in a whole world of trouble.

“Husbands, I’m sorry I’m being very ‘husbandy’ about this and I won’t make any apologies,” he began.

“I know I will be in the doghouse if there is one thing I don’t do.”


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Struggling to comprehend the thought that the country could be in lockdown until the end of May, Chris continued: “I could do a thousand things to prepare for our domestic situation for the next few weeks – well the next few months, it’s going to be months isn’t it – it sounds extraordinary to say it.”

He then described a slight issue he is having at his home, something that will definitely affect the day-to-day life at the Evans household.

“I forgot to call the plumber,” he admitted, after revealing Natasha asked him to do it last Monday.

“Our sink is really blocked up, and if I remember to call him and somehow can’t persuade him that our needs are greater than anybody else – and they’re not – I’ll be in so much trouble!”

There was a giggle from his studio team as Chris explained how he tried to rectify the situation by himself.

After watching numerous YouTube videos of how to unblock a sink with various plungers, sink unblocker solution and by taking the whole thing apart, nothing worked for him.

“It’s the main sink!” he moaned, worried about the consequences of not getting it sorted.

“I’ve flooded the kitchen twice!”

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His co-host Rachel Horne gasped and shuddered at the thought of the mess he had created, but alas he couldn’t offer another solution.

Hopefully Chris will be able to get an emergency plumber out ASAP!

The need to prepare comes as the UK government continue with their stringent measures to try and halt the spread of coronavirus.

In Sunday’s daily briefing, the deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries, said that we face reviews of measures every three weeks for six months or more.


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The number of people in the UK to have died of coronavirus has now reached 1,228, soaring 209 in one day.

It is the second largest reported rise in 24 hours since the outbreak began.

More than 127,000 people so far have been tested for the virus in the UK, with 19,522 testing positive as of yesterday.

Dr Harries explained that we as a nation have to be “responsible” in our actions and reduce social distancing measures “gradually”.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky continues weekdays on Virgin Radio at 6:30am.

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