Chrissy Teigen Saw Alison Roman’s Apology, But Then She Saw This Tweet…

Food writer Alison Roman found herself in hot water this week after she made some negative comments about Chrissy Teigen and the Cravings empire.

Chrissy spoke out in a series of tweets to say how disappointed she was to read Alison‘s comments as she has been making the chef’s recipes for years and supported her on social media.

Alison then released an apology to Chrissy on Twitter after receiving a lot of backlash, but many people are not believing her words. “Being a woman who takes down other women is absolutely not my thing and don’t think it’s yours, either,” Alison wrote.

In response to this tweet, a fan replied, “Dude you also mouthed ‘she’s so annoying’ and elaborated on how much you don’t like her *weeks ago* on the Murmurr broadcast. So weird that you’re acting like this was an isolated thing.”

Chrissy saw this tweet and replied, “good to know.”

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