Christine McGuinness’ autism diagnosis strengthened marriage: ‘Paddy was relieved’

Christine McGuinness has bravely revealed that, just like her three children, she is also autistic.

'Although I’ve suspected it for a while, I’ve never spoken about it before and I’ve never been asked about it,' she tells OK.

And though many people would think such a diagnosis would plain strain on a family and relationship, Christine tells us that in her case it is just the opposite and it has in fact strengthened her marriage to comedian Paddy.

She explains: "He was really good. He was quite relieved for me and I was relieved too. He said that he’s known for a couple of years and suspected it since we started learning about autism ourselves."

The couple began researching autism as all three of their children suffer and Christine has done further investigations since writing her own memoir about her life and her diagnosis.

The model, 33 explains some of the ways in which her diagnosis affects her home life with Paddy.

"There’s been loads of little things in the house where we’ve been renovating it and he knows that I prefer everything quite plain and simple. So now he’s understanding that there’s a reason why."

She also says that because of struggling in large groups and particularly social situations, something she's struggled with since school, that she finds eating out at restaurants with Paddy a challenge.

"He’s a real foodie, he loves going to restaurants but I don’t. And now he understands I’m not being difficult or spoilt, it’s just not something I’m overly comfortable with."

As well as both feeling 'relieved' by the diagnosis, it also helped the couple further understand their three children.

Christine says: "It’s been a really good help for us and it’s helped him to understand a lot more."

Paddy and model Christine live in Cheshire with their three children, twins Penelope and Leo, eight, and five-year-old Felicity, all three of whom have been diagnosed as autistic.

In researching her memoir, A Beautiful Nightmare, Christine also discovered that she suffered from the condition, something she had suspected since suffering with worries about social situations and food since she was a child.

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